Monday, June 28, 2010


This week there was an accident here in Tucson. A beer run where the driver lost control of the vehicle, he got thrown out and it rolled over the top of him. When they identified the person, I paused for a moment and thought, I know  that name and remembered a smiling boy in Middle School. Through some conversation, I came to realize it was indeed the same person and it has been said by many that there were many difficulties he was trying to face and overcome. Although our lives had passed at one time, they hadn’t had the opportunity to cross again. I can remember we had many classes together. For some reason it seems in school the same group of kids get chunked together in classes even if you have a separate teacher for everything. Watching this on the news this past week, it has made me think about so many people who have come through my life. I don’t think that as a person you can hang on to all of them. There is usually some kind of piece that they add to your life even for just a moment and then move on. But I can appreciate that our lives touched as we went on our separate journeys and that his life has now perished in such a manner that to me seems senseless, but for him was the path he was on. I guess I wanted to pause and mark it down that every path I cross I should feel the blessing of it in some way, because you don’t know where they will lead you to or where they will end. May God Bless his family & friends in this time.



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