Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lake Trip....2010

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We went to the lake. :-) It was lots of fun.. Here are some pictures from our adventures. Thank goodness we had fun because the day after we got back we all came down with the stomach flu. Luckily we were home because it was bad bad bad. So here are some pics from our fun!

Here's my kiddo and my stud hubby in the a.m. We were eating popsicles first thing. It was gonna be hot.

Here is our friends son. We'll call him "no fear"

And here is their other son. We'll just call him "happy baby" You'll see why in a few.

Here are our two kiddos hanging in the water cooling off. You have to do this alot when it's a 100. So much more fun when Mom buys some ridiculous squirt guns that are called MAx Liquidators. So you can squirt everyone and anyone straight from the lake. But still lots of fun.

There are two folks on this tube "no fear" and Dad. you can see two legs.
Then Dad dropped off and nofear had the tube to himself.
Which I think he was perfectly happy with!

Here's my hubby and kiddo behind the boat resting on the tube. We couldn't find the plug for the double tube. So made due with the single. However, we of course found the plugs when we got to camp that evening. of COURSE.

Here is No Fears Mom on the tube. She had a good time with a ride. This water in the face thing is why I ride the tube backwards always. I just sit there and enjoy the lake as it passes by. However, when hubby and I were dating he was being pushy about speeding about the boat. So I took the opportunity of facing away from the boat to moon him before I jumped into the lake. Ahhh fond memories. haha. I love to keep him hoppin'. I wonder if he doesnt slightly worry whenever I get in the tube backwards what I will do this time.

This is me sneaking a peak at my hubby and a picture.

Oh and Here is Happy baby again. Never stops smiling this kid. Even when grumpy he is smiling.

Then when you have men in a boat that outrank the women 5 to 2. Well some testesterone will take over.. So a little.. I can throw you.. no you can't blah blah.. all right.. let's go.
here is our friend, (The Dad, we call him coach, as he was the soccer coach for my kiddo)

And in the air here. ... oh and well...
going into the water below.

Oh and you guessed it... another Happy baby..

My Aunt and Uncle below. Such a cutey couple below. They were on the lake to. We missed them for a bit and then hung out in the end. And it was my Aunt's first time in a campground overnight. Wow I have no no idea how she was convinced of this, but she slept in their boat with hubby under the stars. Totally my version of romantic. I am not sure it is entirely hers, but she is a trouper and made it and was even smiling in the morning. woohoo!! to new adventures.

And the three of us... Always such a wonderful time when we are together.
I truly love my life and all of those who are in it.

And now I am off to rest my neck. Seems the stomach flu makes your neck ache when it is being used for a stabilizer in a violent heaving motion. if you get my drift. ::sigh:: but  it was only one day. So now on to another great week. Hope you have great plans for fun stuff to do! Enjoy! Chris

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Heidi said...

Oh gosh you know I am loving all the pics that include my nephews! (And of course your little guy always makes me smile!)

I'm so sorry you all came down with that nasty bug. :( It made me feel a little less jealous I'll admit!