Saturday, June 19, 2010

haven't posted...

I haven’t psoted much this week because I had a lot going on. My kiddo was in summer camp. And we celebrated my birthday. (Which there is a sale going on in the store) and I have pictures I want to upload to my blog, but my camera/usb cable is having issues. This bugs me big time. Rrrr. Well that’s what I have been.
So I am around and working in the background.  Today I am cutting some memorial stickers for my sister in law (for her step-mom) and freezing some more of this 20 lb box of tomoatoes. So far I have made salsas and today I plan to blanch them, peel and cut them into smaller chunks and freeze for winter stews and chilis. Super easy to do. Also, I have eaten a bunch. Fresh from the “box” haha. $7.00 through bountiful baskets and I thought it was gonna be this box of Roma tomatoes or smaller, but ended up being these big beautiful tomatoes that my kiddo and I have been eating in thick slices with a little sea salt on them. Yum yum. And they are warm from sitting on the counter. So even more yum. Reminds me of sitting in the garden with my Dad in Wisconsin and deciding which one to pick off the vine and munch on. Ahh those memories. I should scrap that one. Definitely. Such a wonderful memory. And tomorrow is Father’s Day. My hubby got his gift early. He wants to get into leather crafting. So we went to the leather craft store and got some stamps and tools etc for Father’s Day. He is very excited and I am excited for him. Secretly tho’ I was thinking…. Maybe I could cut that pattern on my Klik-n-kut? Maybe not cut it but run the embossing blade or something just to make an impression on the leather.. hmm… hmm… well I’ll let him play first. Then I might have to take a stab at it. And I must say the catalog for the leather stuff intrigues me. All the “bling” belts I have and other items. I am finding all the tools to put them together. Ohhhh my fingertips are itching to give it a try…. It’s like the buzzing I get when I am frantically trying to finish a set of files because I want to cut them on my digital cutter. Haha.. It’s an addiction I tell ya’. And addiction!! Well I am off to measure the wall in my craft room. I have an idea  haha. Another idea anyways. We’ll see how it works out.   Hope you have a great weekend!!

Over 6 years creating cutter files…. I am still in love with my machines and giddy at a happy cut!!!

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