Thursday, June 10, 2010

Slip -n- and a slidin'

So in the desert when you buy a slippin' slide you have to find a family member with the best grass to use it on. My son has had this for a while. I was puzzled when it came home with my hubby and realized he had fallen victim to the persuasions of our kiddo. We live in the desert and that means rocks and dirt. We don't even have a fake patch of grass installed. So it has been in the closet because those with nice grass don't want it ruined by kiddos runnin' around on it with tons of sopping water. It can be a pretty penny to repair when a gardener comes. And riding on your belly over rocks is not a good alternative. So a couple weekends ago we went to my Aunt's house and played. This is my kiddo... (The first two pics are my awesome sisters pics) Anyways... my kiddo looks like he is determined to run!

This is my cutey patootey niece. They are sitting in a shark's mouth.
And then the shark was coming after me..... I can almost hear him saying dah dah in the shark tone of jaws. AHHHH!!!.. My cute kid, but I am totally biased. no might be about it.

I love this picture succession and will have to figure out how to get it scrapped. It just cracks me up.
well hope you Enjoyed and find a cool place to play in the water somewhere!

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