Monday, June 21, 2010

My birthday dinner .. day...

Last week was my birthday. I started out the day on my way to camp for the kiddo and the truck broke down. Blew the high pressure gas line. So called AAA and my wonderful hubby (knight in shining armor) came to rescue me and I got to spend the day with him. Oh so the best!! I hate to deal with vehicle issues it makes me nutz. So my hubby coming to get me was just the best. I was met at the door of my MIL house with a plate of fruit and Happy Birthday card. SO awesome. Killed her to not make a cake, but I really loved the fresh fruit.  My father braved our dirt road with his motorcycle to hand deliver a card from my Mom. So nice. Just lots of wonderful.
We went to El Charro Cafe for dinner at Rancho Sahuarita. Fantastic was tons of fun. I was trying to crop this picture of my hubby and I to get rid of the corona bottle. However, seeing mykiddo pop in on the left just cracked me up. He loves to be in the pics with us.

I cropped out his virgin strawberry daquiri here.

El Charro did a phenomenal job on my birthday. We got to sit, chat, had an excellent server. No frowns when my kiddo dropped his drink and sprite went everywhere. Super great. We went back on Friday night and tried the patio. well after waiting 20 minutes for my hubby to get a beer. I went to the bar with cash. There were a ton to ton of wait staff out on the patio which was filling up quickly. However, no one wanted to touch us because we had already placed an order with someone. It really is a bummer to talk to three waiters and not one want to walk ten feet to get you your drinks/food/ something. I get it that there is a system, but ugh. Then the folks next to us were complaining left and right and considering leaving after waiting for 30 minutes. We started asking every person who went by for our server, but nowhere to be found. Finally we found her. I think she was a little upset I bypassed her and ran to get a drink (sitting on the outdoor patio at 100 degrees even in the shade requires some kind of livation. Water even would be good) Anyways, my only comment was they are gonna have to figure the system out. took us about 30 minutes to get two little appetizer plates. And the chips both times we went were just the bottom crumbs not even whole pieces. So we will be asking for a basket of chips next time seperately so we aren't dipping with the tips of our fingers. Will we go back? absolutely. We'll give it a few more tries I am sure. The food is phenomenal. The setting is beautiful. And we were told there will be music on the weekends. So even better. Somewhere close to home we can go have a seat and visit with friends and relax after a long hard week. Oh and the Margaritas are delish too. woohoo! haha. Shrimp ChimCharra (bacon wrapped shrimp) with fantastic sauce to go with yum yum. Queso Fondant... oh cheese... yum wow and yum. Our tacos on my birthday were just fantastic as well. Delicious and our friend Bryan went with us and he brought home some rolled chicken tacos and left them in our fridge. Welll... They didn't last. I called him and told him they were gone. He laughed. and Here are some pics below. He wanted a "nice" picture with my kiddo. And my kiddo just wanted to grab him and hear him giggle. So nice to see Uncle Bryan smiling.

We had lots of fun.

Thank you to all those who wished me Happy Birthday! I greatly appreciate it. And it is gonna be a phenomenal year!!! Cannot wait to take it on!!


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