Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Thank goooodness

It is Thursday. Woohoo!! Okay I have started going through the list of participants requests for files and sending them out. I hope to have them all out by next week. So they are a coming.

Thursday is also my busy day. Run the washer while I work on files and then put them away and work on one room at time to get it done in between files. And my little one is awesome help. He is 4 and catching on how to sort laundry. and which room we are headed to next. I keep him with me. Makes it take so much long however I notice that he keeps an eye on his things a little more when he has to be part of cleaning up.

I have lots of little things to say, but not completely formulated. I will get it together and have a show and tell post tomorrow or maybe late tonight. Have a wonderful day!

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