Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am home...

Woohoo!! I am home. After a very long travel day yesterday we finally made it home late last night. My kiddo had a fever most of the day yesterday so it was slightly stressful, but also he was very sleepy then for the drive and flight. Here is my new favorite picture of our threesome.

This was in Minnesota. My hubbies Aunt took the picture.

And a big round of applause and thank you to Dana for keeping my blog running! What great projects. Also, there were a few posted at the Creative Teams blog. Using the Seashell file and the South Dakota Mount Rushmore file. What Great jobs. Thanks again Dana!! Was really awesome to know such creativity was going on over here while I was away.
Well there should be some new files hitting the qmc because I got some done while away. I can't help but create I was definitely inspired.
Have a wonderful day! And look for more pictures the rest of the week and then month of June should be a lot of fun!! No squirtgun party this year at the house, but Challenges and lots of fun here to celebrate my birthday.


PS and yes I am trying to go to 3 column. However, I seem to be having font issues. After many emails from people asking that I post more of my images on my blog so they can look through I have decided to add a column on the right. However, if anyone has an idea on why my font issues are happening please let me know. I do not like the bigg blocky look. :-) I did try to change it in the font and colors editor but it keeps giving me errors. maybe it is blogger. Thanks for the help in advance.

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Anonymous said...

You are very welcome! I had a great time and hope everyone enjoyed my projects! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip and welcome home!!!