Friday, May 2, 2008

2 more submission for the challenge and Spoon thieves??

2 more entries the top one is from Karon and the next one is from Debbie. 2 Great entries in the Challenge. I will be uploading these to the gallery. This weekend if I do not get your image uploaded to the gallery by Sunday night. It is only that the images have to be submitted by Sunday night. So if they are sitting in my in box then they are still considered in. More then a few have asked me to upload them for them and I would be happy to. Keep 'em coming! So excited to see them all. You can email me.. at.. cdurnan@
So another productive day. However.. instead of losing socks in our household we lose spoons. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a place where you can just buy spoons in bulk that aren't plastic? I think my little one throws them away when he is getting up from the table. If he has a paper plate, I think that spoon just slides right into the trash with it.
I better run. I am making head way on laundry and wanted to stop in and say Hi!
Thank you for the entries already sent in. If you need more details you can email me. I will try to keep on top of email over the weekend. Or you can scroll down and read a few posts back. I started to give details on the challenge on the 24th. So what you may need may be there.
Have a wonderful weekend!!


Alicia P. said...

I've found bulk metal spoons and forks at Sam's club and also at the dollar store. Spoons disappear at my house too... ;)

Alicia P.

Anonymous said...

We always loose spoons!
Alot of dollar stores sells packages of metal spoons. Not the best, bt if they end up in the garbage anyway..who cares.!