Monday, May 5, 2008

Challenge.. More details later... Weekend Stories...

It's Monday Morning... Did you get your National Scrapbooking Day Challenge Entry in? I hope at least everyone got some scrapbooking done. I finally sat down to the computer Sunday night and tried to catch up on emails. I uploaded a bunch of pics to the paperthreads gallery and also to my main site. If you would like this figured out. As of this moment, I still have more to go, but I am working on it. Also, thank you to those who decided to participate. This was a fun challenge I hope it was for everyone. More details about the polls coming when I get a chance this afternoon to organize. Alot of you emailed and said you were using the Challenge to inspire you and get you moving. Really all of your emails inspired me. So thank you for your kind words and thoughts! Thank you! You have made this challenge very enjoyable for me.
We went to a community fair for the local school and saw some of my little ones soccer teammates there and watched him run around and play. I went inside to check out the silent auction. I loveeee these things. I got a few cool goodies. My hubby being the awesome man that he is took our little one out to jump in the jumping castle and the air slide and do his things. All in all it was a very fun evening.

Saturday morning I got a call from the head soccer coach, her little ones were sick. So that means me... I get to be the coach.. wooohoo. oh my goodness what have I gotten myself into. I don't know the rules of soccer. I know how to help the kids on the sidelines get into the game and those who need a drink to get swapped out and how to cheer them on and swing them circles and say GREAT JOB. So I ran into the closet got my extra coaches shirt and handed it to my hubby and said your the assistant today. He smiled and said sure no problem. So it wasn't. It was a lot of fun. My hubby was awesome helping out and the kids had a great time. So it all went well. My little boy kept yelling. Okay Coach mom and Coach Dad. Cute. Yeahh!!!
We had a few friends over on Saturday night. And easy bring your own main course BBQ and we had sides. The guys went on a horse ride and the girls hung out and chatted. and the little ones played. Impromput and just lots of fun also. Sunday was a lot of work. I wasn't feeling so wonderful, but the hubby worked his bum off going through a bunch of storage. Time for spring cleaning. Getting rid of all the little baby clothes. For some reason I feel the need to hold onto them. My hubby smiles and understands and I told him. Leave them all there. So they are in a big pile waiting for a family member to come look and see what they want. And then off to goodwill they go. We need the space and every something feels heavy on the shoulders. So time to clean it out. So that was a good feeling.

And that's about it. Just an awesome wonderful weekend. I hope you had one to. I didn't get to my Craft Room, buttttt I really thought about it and all of you that were getting the chance to scrap. It is looking good for this week for me. I have a friend who might come over if all goes well. I better get the little one to school. Have a great day!

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