Thursday, May 15, 2008

Creative Team gets a new home!

Have you seen it?? Well follow this link and visit my wonderful team. Each creative team member has acces to the Creativity Blog for Visual Designs by Chris and now can post their "recipes" for their projects and anything they'd like. So check it out. This is an answer to the numerous emails asking me which paper? how did they do that? What did they do it with and what's their story for their projects. So don't hesitate. Two Members have already posted!! You'll see some of their projects here, but more details there.


On to life... I leave town next week and one of my Creative Team Members has agreed to be my guest blogger here to keep you busy and enjoying. (My favorite thing to do "enjoy") .. You'll have to guess which one, but I will say she is definitely looking forward to summer vacation and time to work on her projects. A very talented lady. More to come.
And because I am leaving town I am swamped with to dos and part of that is to take care of the "puppy", go to a doc appt, visit my sons school for his "last day" and get a ton and a ton and a ton done. So my apologies if my posts are short and sweet , but I am sooooo ready to head to Minnesota & Wisconsin. Can't wait. Spend time with the hubby and the bambino. Visit the in-law side of the family and see my Dad. My Dad is preparing for fishing extravaganza. I am preparing for reading extravaganze! Woohoo!! and also that means I have to go the library. Darn it. One more thing to add to the list. I have no idea what to pack. I have heard it's cold, it's kinda cold, it's sweater weather, it's jacket weather.... I can only take one bag! Sooo.. I am off to look for the weather website.
Don't forget to check out the site. for the creative team. And thanks to my creative team members. They are without a doubt awesome!!

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Have a great trip!