Monday, May 12, 2008

Bella's Bowl..and a new teeny saddle.

Did you have a wonderful weekend! I did. Saturday was a ton of fun at the auction. A relaxing and all around day spent doing very little and hanging out alot. We bought a few miscellaneous items .. like a purse even.. I buy the oddest things at auctions these days... but most fun was a little teeny saddle for my son. A children's saddle that will hopefully help him get his seat right. I have read many different opinions on this and decided that yes we shoudl have a saddle that is his size. Riding in one of Mom or Dad's would be like walking around in a big shoe and he would slide all around in it. He is very excited about it.

Saturday night when I got home I decorated this bowl with white vinyl for my niece. It is her birthday and she is my goddaughter. I loved the bright color of the bowl and filled it with fun craft items, but then also added her name to the outside. I think most kids like to get things with their names on it. So I hope she likes it. What do you think?
I am just finishing up my South Dakota files so I need the next state to work on. If you went somewhere for vacation and want the landmarks for that state put together email me with a few specifics and I will see what I can do. I should have some sample files to post this week and am compiling the next set of files for the next challenge.

Well I am off to take the kiddo to school. More on the weekend later. Have a wonderful monday!



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Anonymous said...

What a cute idea--isn't vinyl awesome. I love the flowers and bee you used. Where did you get them--are they your designs or did you find some dingbats? I've been looking for something exactly like them. Any info you'd be willing to share would be great!