Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Challenge The Challenge

I want to post really quick about the Poll for the Challenge. I have received many emails from participants of the challenge that requested their entry not be polled. That they enjoyed the challenge and one lady wrote "it inspired me to be creative and would like there to be more of this type". I have to say also that I received some of the most inspiring emails to me regarding the challenge files. And I liked everyones take on the files and it was interesting to me to see which ones were picked and how they were used. So after much deliberation I have decided to not poll the submissions. However, I am going to offer those who participated by sending in a submission an additional 2 files of their choice from my section of the store at Paperthreads. So everyone got the 9 files plus two more for participating. Email me your file choice (please choose two files that are listed as $5.00 or less). I thank you for participating and hope that so many will participate next time around as well. If you cut the SCUT files for the challenge. I have a list of files that are already converted. It can be found here. I will try to convert your requests to SCUT as soon as possible. but it may take me a little bit if it is not on this list. But I will do my best to get it done. Since I have to convert them all anyways I would rather start with requests.
I will be adding everyones submission to my mainsite page. Thank you again for participating!! it was wonderful to see them all. Enjoy!

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