Monday, May 19, 2008

A few loose ends..

It is Monday! woohoo!! Today I pack and clean up a bunch of loose ends... so here we go..

Challenge files... those who completed the challenge received an additional two files of their choice from my section of the store. Those files are almost all sent out. I have a few more to go and hope to send them out this afternoon. Those who need to make requests because you completed the challenge. Please do so soon. I do not wish to overlap the duties of challenges. So once the next one is up. This one is closed. I already have a few files put together for the challenge. It should be fun an eclectic again and absolutely without any theme it seems.

Guest blogger... if some of you have been visiting the Creative Teams blog then you know that Dana Tuskey is my guest blogger. I love Dana's work and I won't say to much and hopefully she can fully update you on herself and her crafty skills. I may pop in and post here or there, but really I will be pretty much off the grid. So .. Thank you again to Dana for helping me out.

If you are a QMC member then you have a few new files over the last week uploaded. So make sure to check those out.

If you have an AOL address and I can't get through to your email, my apologies, it seems there is a link blogspot issue with aol addresses. but this could be some of the issues and I am not intentionally trying to be slow in responding to you.

Faith.. from Paperthreads QMC.... I PMd you. If you get a chance send me an email. Thanks.

For all of those who have wished me well on my travels. Thank you! I am truly blessed to have such wonderful blog visitors and friends.

On to life..
My little one is soooo excited. He has a placemat for the table with a map of the US and has been talking about different states and who lives where. My husband probably thinks I am crazy with all my sneaky teaching tools. He needed a placemat and the one I found just happened to have a map on it. 96 cents at Wally World can't beat that. He wants to know what all the stars are and well those are the capitals. We are having lots of conversation about it all. He is super excited and I am praying that his DVD player battery holds out for most of the trip on the plane. I am not a good flyer. Makes me nervous. My tummy hurt. And I just want off. so luckily we are only making one flight and then we are off the plane. no connects. Wooohoo!! So I am sure we will have lots of pictures to share when we get back.

I gotta run. Doc Appt today. I must have been insane or delusional when I scheduled one for the day before I leave town. ugh. If I get everythng done in time I will post some of my new South Dakota files and my grumpy & silly Bison/Buffalo pair. Have you seen them? i think they are cute.

have a wonderful afternoon!

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