Friday, May 9, 2008

Great Projects to see..

My Creative Team has been on overdrive lately and I am loving all the projects. I can't remember which ones I have shown. So I thought I would show a few of them. And if I have repeats I apologize!! I just love them all.

From Karen

Sting of the Bat

Clownin' Around
Alpha Jumble

From Sussann
Snowflake Jumble

From Wendy
Sting of the Bat

And there will be a few more tomorrow.

on to life...

It is Mother's Day this weekend. Hubby and I chatted about it and we like to see our Moms on Sunday. So Saturday has become my Mother's Day. This works out wonderfully because we are going to head to the horse auction for the day and hang out and just watch horses and enjoy the time together. My little one loves to go because he sees all the other boys hangin' out and wears his boots and hat and jeans like Dad and gets to be with us. It is very nice. Might hit the Mexican food restaurant on the way home. Might not depending on how the day goes.

But for now I have a ton of conversions to do for some new files. So I better stop delaying and get to it.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!


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