Thursday, May 1, 2008

tada... lots done.... Challenge submissions...details... on to life..

Hello and Howdy! It's Thursday. I got so much done. added a file tothe QMC. Put up the Sales Flyer for May. Answered about 100 emails. (If you sent me one and haven't heard from me yet... I am a coming). Designed two files. Played Pirate ship with the kiddo. Did the dishes. Cleaned the kitchen. Read a book to the kiddo. Talked to my Uncle about hay for the horses ($14 bucks a bale already this summer). Made Nachos to eat with the kiddo. Talked to my Nan (who I enjoy talking to regularly to help make the emptiness go away since my Gramps passed). Looked at the laundry and rescheduled it for tomorrow. Talked to a few friends. Teased my friend Lori. Updated my Main Site for the Challenge and the Creative Pages (working on more.. but I got Vicki & Joni done) and now.........

I have no idea what the heck we are gonna have for dinner. I think I am proclaiming it Leftover night. oh man there are no leftovers. well lets put that aside and look at some awesome Challenge entries.

Blogger made Joni's entry teeny.. so here is a better link to see it.

There are more.... I will be posting them all here so everyone can see them. So send me your image.. Thank you to everyone participating!!

I had a few emails today from people asking me if they had to participate if I sent them the link. Well.. honestly folkaroos. That was the point of me sending the link. If you plan to not participate that is fine. I am keeping a running list of those who have requested the link and who participated because I plan to give away a batch of files for other challenges all summer as well. Non-participation will be noted for future challenges. I think it is the only way to be fair to those who requested the link and then really put an effort into it. If you don't mind that you won't be apart of it next time then no worries. Your decision. Your choice.

And on to more fun stuff of the world....
Oh man dinner... any thoughts??
On to something else.
The world of blogs... Blogspot added a dated poster to it finally which means when I go out of town at the end of May to see my Dad and the hubbies family I won't have to miss a post. That is pretty cool. Means you will wonder if I was really around to post. :-) Should be fun and interesting. I am looking forward to this addition.
On to life..
Did I tell you that we went to my nieces baptism a few weekends back. I am her godmother. What an honor. Anyways it was the third weekend of long involved religious celebrations for my little one. (2 confirmations and 2 baptisms) And he had been soooo good. Patiently waiting for everything to be over. (I think he knew there was a party after every function.) Sometimes sleeping a little to make it through. well at the baptism he was heard whispering. "I have had just about enough of this". My son loves to go to church. Loves to sit next to the drums. (Which means my ears ring for the whole day.) When he was about two his love was to clap after every song and say YEAHHHH!!!. So for him to say this he must have been exhausted. I tell you this story because I wonder where my son gets these little snippets of adulthood. His phrases totally come from us.. but his most recent one did not... As he runs down the hallway in his underwear today he starts singing (closer to yelling for my nerves)... We will We willl ROCKKKK YOU>>> ROCK YOU>>>Well now I must ponder.. Who was singing this with my little one present?? I am not sure but at the top of 4 year olds lungs in a pitch very nearing scream.... I must say... When I find the culprit .... I will Rock them ........or ....... force them to babysit and let them sing it with him or teach him more lyrics ..

Signing off!!
Have a wonderful enjoy!!
aka slightly strung out Mom who got a lot accomplished today, but forgot about dinner somewhere.

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