Saturday, May 17, 2008

Here I am... let me catch my breath for a moment and blog... :-)

Well the Creative Teams blog is off to a running start. 4 posts going and have you seen the new pieces posted? They are awesome. The designer who will be guest blogging on my site hasn't post yet I am sure she is saving her posts for the week here.

Where have I been? I have been preparing like a maniac for this trip. Why is it trips take a week to prepare for, a week to enjoy, and a week to recoup from. I have been doing laundry and going through things. Organizing, printing out maps, printing out plans and feeding tips for all our pets for the sitters. Planning for my "puppy" if she isnt super better.

I am headed to Minnesota and Wisconsin and a friend of my Mom's was just here and brough me a bag of cheese curds. How nice and awesome is that... A week early! Woohoo!

My Mom came out to show of her grandson. It was super nice to see her so impressed with his riding abilities. He is riding his little pony now like a real pro and tomorrow we are going to a Gymkhana to see if he is interested in any of their events. It is like obstacle courses for horses. We have been to the one before that we are going to and it was filled with kids of all ages. There was even a little handicap boy riding his sisters horse as she ran on foot around the pattern. He giggled the whole way it was phenomenal! So we will see if our bumpkin likes any of them and is interested. if so we will come home nd set up the cones and the barrels so he can practice for a month and then go back.

The end of the month is coming and that means it is into June!! June is my birthday month so we shall celebrate. But the May Sales files will be gone. So if you are interested in those please check 'em out. HERE.

Well my little one is buried in the fridge. I know because it has an annoying beep. Which is important in our house or he will stand in front of it and cool the house entirely while he zones on food.

So I will try to keep in touch before I go. But it is a busy busy couple days ahead. Don't forget to visit the creative teams blog!


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