Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fishing pics of the guys, a few fisherman stories and new files to the QMC

So lots of fishing happened while we were in Wisconsin.My Husband, Son, and Dad went out two days in a row and fished away. I read books and made potato salad. (My Dad loves my Potato Salad.) So here are some of the pics.

First one is my hubby. Which my son took the picture. Hence the upward angle.

Then my little one and his catch of the day.

And Grandpa and his catch of the day.

So because of al the fishing happening. I put together this little card front for my Dad. He doesn't internet or blog so he won't see it. However, I am not sure which papers to use to create it. I will have to think on it. I uploaded this file to the QMC today and for those not in the QMC it will be in the store in the next week or so. There are two titles included. So you can cut it for more then one occassion.

I also uploaded this file to the QMC today. The leaning tower of cups. A word jumble and a title with a coffee cup. They can all be used together or apart.

And for a little kiddo story.

So my husband tells me they are in the boat and they float along towards the Dam where the fishing is better and my son cries out in joy. "It's a Waterfall look Dad." My hubby says. "Yes it looks like a waterfall, but its a dam." My son ponders this for a moment and not to be corrected says politely "A Dam Waterfall then" Apparently that ended the topic and not much else was said by the big guys. A fishing trip when the little one had the last word.

Well that wasn't that last of it. I asked my hubby when they got home how it went. He said a few fish each, but that our little one is taking credit for the largest one my hubby caught. (which we don't have pics of.. this happens on fishing trips I notice.. the big one never gets a pic) He left the room. I asked my strutting fisherman little son " How was the fishing? What'd ya get?" He looks at me serious as could be. "I caught the fish and Grandpa didn't catch non and Dad didn't neither. " I smiled, stifled a giggle and said "Well good job." My internal dialogue says to myself... "You are going to be an awesome fisherman. At 4, you're a bigger windbag then the big guys." Love my guys. Love my life.

Have a wonderful day!


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scrappinmama said...

Already starting the fish tales huh? :0 That is just too cute! :)