Thursday, April 3, 2008

Well first let me say we didn't get the Award at the Luncheon, but it was awesome to go to. Some big name businesses in our area were listed with us and my hubby looked awesome on the big screen talking about business. My little one went with us and when his Dad came up on the screen across the whole ballroom you heard. "thats my daddy" he was super proud! Here is a picture of Dad and son in their business attire. My son has decided he needs to now wear he tie to the office at all times. Super cute. Also, when I put the tie under the vest when getting dressed I received an admonishment that the tie should be on the outside so everyone can see it!
Cute Cute, but I might be a little biased.
Here are the two files already uploaded to the Membership and when the store gets over its hiccups will be added to the store as well at Paperthreads. The 2008 Word Book was loaded to the section and I got two emails from folks saying they were gonna get rid of the Class of part and use it for a 2008 album. Very nice idea!

I promised some Creative Team layouts, but I think I might do those later today or tomorrow. I downloaded a bunch of pics and thought these were cute so thought I'd share. The first one is my niece and nephew that were born in rapid succession last year. They are a few weeks apart in age. Soooo cute and the little girl is actually younger then the little boy. They are super cute and happy babies.

I also might be biased on this being the Aunt. :-)

I have another nephew in the middle of these two, but didn't have a picture to share here. In a few weeks my mom became Grandma 3 times more. I guess we are a busy family! haha

This is one of the other proud Aunts helping out with the easter egg coloring. Actually she was soooo excited about doing it. My little one never had so he had a great time learning the ins and and outs of egg coloring from a pro.

I better run for now and get the house picked up again. We have been gone for two weekends and this weekend we will be home.



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Anonymous said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Cute guys you have there. You have inspired me to do something more formal for our next photos...I just love that little guy business outfit!