Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday smoozday

Hello to everyone!

First and foremost I will have a preview of the Challenge download up by Thurs. I am going to work on it tonight for a while and tomorrow afternoon and hope to have it all done. Then you can email me and I will send you the link to download the whole thing. You are welcome to use whatever parts of it you would like.

Next..... just some ramblings...

So I have been visiting some new blogs lately. I am loving them all. But my super fantabu friend Lori had an announcement on her site. Did you see? She is opening up a store so you can buy her files pre-cut. I thought this was pretty cool. Lori loves paper. Loves loves loves it. So this is perfect for her. Her files are super cute and what a great addition to her repetoire. She also is having a Grand Opening Sale at the store and at Paperthreads to celebrate. way to go Lori Congrats!!!!!

Bingo at Paperthreads this time has been beautiful. The theme was flowers. Jen has been running it and man are the flowers they are posting over their are beautiful. I am most impressed and find myself visiting just to see the different flowers.

Thank you to to everyone who participated in my sale. I greatly appreciate your support. And I got an email from a lady who said I wasn't publicizing that the QMC was closing for membership that she woulda missed it. So hence the banner,but I am going to make it a tad bit smaller. wow!. I feel like I mention it all the time. So now you can just see it. i hope no one misses it. If so, there will be new files for the next quarter.

Speaking of which... **** would the recently pregnant lady who checked my blog from an iphone while on bedrest email me please. I seem to have lost your email address. **Thanks mucho.

Well I must run and help my son understand the definition of picking up the living room. I asked him if he was done and he said "yes, because I can walk through it" hmm. Maybe a little clarity is needed. It wasn't that bad when I left the living room.

Oh did I tell you my hubby is hobbling along on a sore ankle and probably needs crutches, but I am doubting he will get them. hmm.. I'll save that one for later. It's always interesting and fun!


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Lori McDonald said...

Oh I soo love you!!!