Thursday, April 24, 2008

The challenge... and horse apples

All right here we go. I just started sending out links to those who would like to participate in the Challenge. This is the final set of files that went into the challenge. This is to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day.

Here are the challenge details. It must be submitted to the Paperthreads Gallery by May 4th. I will share the link here for the gallery in a few days. Then we will run a poll on the 5th and 6th. We may group like items together to vote on. Or just vote them all together. I will come up with a list of prizes and post it in the next couple days also. I just wanted to get you the files asap for time to think about how to use them. The major rule is you have to use one or more of the files from the selection above. You can keep all the files to use as you'd like after you download them. They are governed under my TOUs. Email me to request the link for the files which means you plan to participate in the challenge. One entry per person. Do what you would like with the file and it will be voted on by your fellow scrappers.
I have had 6 emails asking me what the maroon "love" file is for and here is one that I did. If you start at the left on the L and work your way around you can "sew" your paper with fiber. The circles in this file are tiny for thread you can make the holes bigger by expanding the entire image as a whole which will make the holes to thread bigger, but also the pattern overall.

My most popular request in email right now is the link for the QMC in the store. On the right of my blog there are a bunch of important links. Here is the link. But you can always find these links posted on the right. Also, thank you to those chatting with me on the CBox on the right. kinda fun!

On to life...

So I got some cookies today from the store for those Gluten Challenge folks like myself. If you visit my blog regularly, you know that I buy things that say gluten free and try them all the time and mention how they were. Well I bought these double chocolate cookies and took them out of the package. My son ran up to see if he could run with one of the cookies. I am ready for a cookie yum yum. My son stopped abruptly and said.. hmm.. No thanks.. I said "why not" his reply... "they look like horse poo." He runs away to play. and welll.... I put them back on the counter and that is where they sit. I'm sure I'll have the courage to try them tomorrow.



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