Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bday Pics, New file for QMC, and woohoo!!

First.. this is the latest addition to the QMC. It is part of the requests for children items. As well as outdoors, vacation, jumbles, accents, swirls, and the daughter curly frame... and more...

Next as promised. Pics of the kiddos bday day!

So first we had a soccer game which loads of family came to and then after the game the team sang my little one Happy Birthday. It was lots of fun. My little one is in the middle of the pic chasing the ball. He loves soccer. In fact we have soccer practice tonight and he is thrilled. He asked if we could skip school and go right to soccer. Ummm... It doesn't work that way. but nice try.

This is our Aunt in the fort with the kiddos. Aunt Jill and Grandma both got up into the fort and the little girl in the picture asked them to stay. So they did for a moment and then slid down the slide it was cute. This is my sons pirate outfit. He didn't want to give up the soccer shirt, but his Aunt Nannees brought him a pretend pirate earring to wear. He was bouncing off the walls.

This is the pirate fort. After the bday gifts were opened a set of binoculars and a steering wheel were added. Grandpa purchased the slide. My hubby put Wrought Iron rails around all the edges and on the back side there is a fireman's pole for a quick slide out of the fort. I will take more pictures of it and post them. My hubby did an awesome job. And does my son looook tired in this picture. Wow. He had been running since soccer at 8:30 a.m. My sister made the cake it was awsome. If look closely it was a blue ocean with little brown islands all over it and a path for the ship to take. As well as an X for X marks the spot. My Sister is the best at coming up with creative cakes. It was awesome and totally added to the party.

After cake a lot of the little kids went home. So then I threw on some bratwurst and hot dogs and pulled out the salads and fixins and we had dinner. Then we played in the fort some more and had a fire because the wind went away and roastd marshmallows. and my little one watched the Bee Movie and crashed. Here he is in a picture with a friends wearing his new policemans uniform and she is wearing his firefight uniform. My son loves to get dressed up. And yes that in the back is my messy house after the party. We are still picking up.

But it was so much fun. And can I say Santa forgot to bring the Policemans outfit I am sooo glad I won't hear about it for about it for another 4 months. My mother told me he wouldn't remember wanting it. My Aunt told me he wouldn't remember wanting it. HA. the kid reminded me about it at least once a week if not twice or three times a week. All I know is WOOHOOO!! We got it.

Okay I better run. I am supposed to be working out the office, but instead decided to post here. I can't seem to get into the swing of it. Probably because I have text files to write. hmmm... I don't like to write descriptions for my files.

Oh and guess what I have started adding SCUT to some of my repetoire of files. Not all and not in the QMC til I get a little more proficient in the program. Some files I have to figure out how to do it, because Sure Cuts A Lot software for Cricut does not seem to have a layering or ungrouping tool, but in any case. Those files that I can. I am offering in the SCUT version as well. My first ones will hit the store. Thank you to Kristen and Diana for helping me figure some of these items out. I am still working with the program. And really in all honesty am just a Software Addict. Love it Love it. So thats another woohooo! Okay gotta run.



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