Saturday, April 12, 2008

An early Kick Start to the Sale

Why not have an early kick start to
the sale on the 19th. So it is a sale this weekend too.

Everything is 40% off in my section of the Paperthreads store
with the exception of the QMC membership.

The membership doors will close on the last day of April. So if you would like those Apr-May-June files now is the time to join before you miss out.

On to life...

So it is my little one's bday today. Why I am up at 3:30 a.m. working on the computer and blogging? Well first my little one keeps saying... Is it Good Morning time yet? He wakes up in a daze and asks and has been asking about every hour or two on the dot all night. Then on top of that it is windy. WINDY WINDY WINDY. Can I get a break here. I will have a group of people coming to hang out and we always hang out outside. My house is tiny because I don't like to clean. Smaller place. Less cleaning. Holy Smokes! Why the wind. So hopefully by the time 3 pm hits it will have blown itself out of here and the day will be enjoyable and we can light a fire and roast marshmallows at the end of it. It was beautiful on Friday. So please if anyone has any favors with Mother Nature please call them in.

And the other reason I am up.... I am excited. I look forward to seeing my little one giggle and smile. He has been practicing his Thank you very much for after he opens gifts. I love it. What a great kid. I was blessed with a wonderful man when I met my husband and God has blessed me again with a beautiful son to make another wonderful man in my life. How Wonderful.

Okay I better run... He is calling out in his sleep again... "Is It Good Morning time yet?" I think he might be just as excited as his Mom.


P.S. Mental Note: Add kites to stop at store. If it's gonna be windy make the best of it. :)

These pics are from last year, but I love the succession of them. THere are a few more where we were sticking out our tongues and rubbing noses. I will have to do them again this year. Lots of fun. I love to hear him laugh.

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