Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pirate Parties with Goldfish crackers and pneumonia. ick!

It is Tuesday... woohoo!! We had a great weekend. lots of fun at the baptism, but I knew I wasn't feeling right. So went to the docs today because feeling like you can't breathe is nightmarish. And yepper the Doc thinks I have pneumonia so I am going to get a chest xray tomorrow. I have already started taking meds and am trying to get over it because this weekend is my son's 4th birthday so we will have a fulllllll house!! Pretty exciting if you ask me. He has having a pirate party. I always try to have different snacks for guests to munch on before Cake. If you have any hit recommendations from your young ones parties le tme know. I already have the goldfish out because it seems adults don't eat goldfish crackers, but when they are out they get scarfed down. I have marshmallows for after cake when it gets dark to roast over the fire. And a tip on Marshmallows. forget the graham cracker. just buy a bag of plain M&Ms and insert the M&M inside the marshmallow and roast. Yum yum. the M&M is melted inside the marshmallow. Our favorite way to eat them. Lots of things to do each day to get ready, but I thought if someone has a fantabulous idea for a snack I will throw it out there. We got lots of Pirate supplies from Oriental Trading. So it should be lots of pirate fun. For now.. I must run.. thinking about taking a little nap. So I get a second wind of energy. Enjoy!



Lisa said...

Hope you get to feeling better. Tell the little guy " Happy Birthday!"
Here a suggestion for the party:
Sandwiches cut with cookie cutters, pirate ships, coins, parrots etc.
Also, we did this,
instead of pin the tail on the donkey...place a board down on the ground, blind fold the child, have them walk the plank, at the end, is a buried treasure. The treasure was a box full of sand and while blindfolded, they would reach in & grab their prize. The prizes were, bags of chocolate coins, ring pops, candy necklaces, jewels etc.
Hope that helps.

Lisa (Dreamin)

sussann said...

oh no!! I'm sorry you are so sick! I hope the meds do the trick and you feel better soon. Sounds like a great party in the works. Not sure how these would go over, but I have two favorite "handful" snack foods - mix a bag of m&m's with a can of mixed nuts. Or if you like the taste of paydays, mix a bag of caramel corn with a can of peanuts.

scrappinmama said...

Bless your heart. What a time to get sick! Hope the meds work for you and you're back up to par for the big birthday bash. Tell him his Birthday Sis says "Hope this is the best birthday yet!" and have him at a piece of that cake for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

the bit P word is not fun...my husband has been out of work because of it for 2 weeks! Week 1 anibiotics seemed to treat but Week 2 while cleared out he has been unable to stop this horrible cough and has had big issues breathing! He had to get a stronger cough suppresant and thank goodness he seems better now!

My sister had a pirate party for my nephew and she had all the kids Walk the plank, follow maps and clues which ended up by a tree where a pirate pinata was hidden in the branches. Once they whacked it apart out came gold chocolate coins, necklaces, etc.

Good Luck! I hope you feel well enough! Get some rest and lots of fluids!

Eddita :)