Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pirate Bootie!! QMC download and membership closing April 31st for joiners.

My post won't be super long because I have a pile of pirate party items on the table and am having to watch my little one to make sure he doesnt get into it. He is sooooo excited. He keeps saying Arrrghhh Arrrghhh Arrrrggghhhh.

I did want to say I am trying to get some new files up in the store. But don't buy them yet as I will be having a sale the weekend of the 19th to celebrate nothing much finally going on for a weekend WOOOHOO!!

Also.... If you havent purchased your 2nd quarter membership the doors will close on the 31st of April for the April, May, June files. Don't forget to join before it the file party closes.

I, also, loaded another file to the qmc for download and will post a pic of it here tomorrow.

Ohhh. I just saw a pirate flag walk by me I better run and get the goodies back on the table. I am as excited about the party as I think he is... :-)


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