Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good News, SCUT news, and Better News

Alrighty!! I am headed out to a gourmet food party. I think it is like a Pampered Chef party only there will be a gluten free portion of the evening! I am soooooo excited about this. We shall see how it goes. Some gluten free foods are suspect in how it tastes. But one of my bestest friends Michele is having it and I think it will be lots of fun!!


Here is a layout by Joni using my Boot Scootin' file, the Damask Inspired 2 file, and the Simple Borders and Patterns files. Awesome layout Joni! Thank you for sharing it!!

Super Cute. I am working through the Creative Teams pages and I updated a bunch and will finish the rest tomorrow.


And on to some SCUT news... Four of my new files have the SCUT file type included for the Sure Cuts A Lot software for Cricuits. And have been loaded to the store. I think it will take until almost the end of May to add this file type to my alread in store files. Yeah!! Thank you to everyone for the supportive emails and nudge to jump in with both feet. I am so excited to be adding another file type to my repetoire. More on the SCUT files tomorrow.


I am off to get dressed to go!



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