Friday, April 4, 2008

How did we get to Friday so quick! Well as promised here are a few of the layouts sent to me by the Creative Team Members. I hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful weekend!!

These first two are from Karen. The Family portion is not mine but is Designs by Sky. However the little fancy scrolls are from my Essentials set which has been uploaded to the QMC and will be in the store soon. Thank you Karen for sharing your family wall. Love it!

The below works are from Vicki. This is my Fancy Medallions set which is already in the store, but Vicki did an awesome job!

I have some more from Rosalie and an awesome one from Joni to with her favorite topic the American Idols.. Wooohoo. If I get a chance I will load them later today.

But here is one from a visitor to my blog and it is the Italy Frame. It came out awesome. This is from Nina and her recent trip to Italy. Thanks for sharing it with us Nina.

I have a little one who is begging for Mac and Cheese so I better run. Thank to everyone for sharing their great inspirational work.



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