Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Quarter, Awards Luncheon and my head is full..

My head is fullll of ideas for new files, but today I am off to a luncheon. It is an awards luncheon for our other business. We own a computer business. And were nominated and are 1 of the 3 finalist. So my hubby went shopping. He is an awesome shopper. He bought my son the cutest little tie, shirt, vest and pants. And he bought me a new jacket and shirt to go with my pants. We will be all dudded up ready to go.

So my post is short, but there will be lots of inspirational projects for everyone to see in the next few days. Some have been sent to me from my Creative Team and others have shared their style with me. I will post them all the rest of this week. They are awesome.

If you have joined the new quarter and it is not showing, please email me your order number and forum name. I have posted a previous post about where you will see this new quarter. Also, you can find more info at my main site. www.visualdesignsbychris.com/qmc.html. I have tried to add everyone up to this point. However, if you order today, your order has to go through the process of the store and then to me and then added to the forum. So it may take a little time to get you added, but I will try to keep up with them as much as quick as I get them.

You will have until the end of June to download and I have already uploaded 2 files. Woohooo!!
Okay I have to get dressed, get the kiddo dressed and get moving.

Have a wonderful day!

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Faith said...

Thank You SO MUCH for the class of 2008 book!!! It was just what I needed!! I've been thinking I should get started on graduation now!! I'm posting a reply here because it would let me post a reply at the forum... it let me download...

Thanks again,