Monday, April 28, 2008

A few clarifications on the challenge points and decisions.

Lots of questions this weekend so here are some answers...

It is a scrapbooking challenge. So I have decided just scrapbook anything. I don't care if it is an altered piece, a card, or a page... I just want to get everyone in to the mix. A few people emailed me about cards vs scrapbooking vs altered things. Anyways is fine. Just send it over. One persons passion may not be anothers.

I am thinking we will break it down for the poll by the file used. But I still need to see the entries to try and break it down. the limitation is the number of items you can put in a poll.

A couple emailed about issues with the gallery. Email me the file. I will get it up there. Plus I am setting up a page on my mainsite to host them for others to see as well. So if you send me the file I will get it done for you.

In posting your file on my mainsite, three people have asked if they could have their blogged linked to their submission. I would be happy to do this as long as it is reciprocal. Send me your blog link with a note asking me to post it with your submission (I won't be taking them out of email signatures). I will check the link to see if my site is listed on yours and I will post it with. I have thought about this quite a bit and this is what I think I am most comfortable with.

Yes, My creative team is allowed to join in. I am putting this up to poll so I will not be the person voting on it soley. Therefore, I feel my creative team can join in. I want everyone to feel they have access to the challenge and since I am not judging the files they will be right there in the running with everyone elses.

Files do need to be submitted by the last minute of the 4th. I am going to take the 5th to set up all the polls and make sure everyones picture is in. Then setup the polls on the 6th and 7th. I know this is a change in dates. I do apologize. I am hoping it won't be a problem, but I want the polls to be the most accurate they can be.

And most of all... THANK YOU for all the awesome emails and participation in this challenge. I will be sending out the link for the files all the way up to Friday night.

I must run. have to go buy hay. I am working on getting back to emails asap. So if you are waiting to hear from me. I should get back to you soon!!

can't wait to see the submissions. If this goes well, I think I will continue it as a regular challenge. The miscellaneous files seemed to spur alot of peoples creativity.


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