Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wandering and Wondering Wednesday

Okay folks. My mind is wandering and wondering. My hubby got this little wine sampler set for the holidays. He finished one and threw away the bottle. I saw one sitting there and thought hmm what could I do with it? They are so little and dainty. So I rescued the three remaining.  Yes storage ideas for little things comes to mind. But I wonder could I use it for a message in the bottle valentine? Or a treasure hunt something.. or?? Any little ideas? I took a photo with a dry eraser marker so you could better see the size. Oh I just thought of another. Have my son write a note for teacher appreciation week and put it in the bottle with a tag that says... We didn't need a map to know you were the treasure... Hmm something hokey like that which will make my son roll his eyes at me and giggle all at once. Your ideas are welcome please leave me a comment here or in the forum. Stop by tomorrow for this weeks freebie.
Enjoy! Chris

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