Tuesday, January 24, 2012

30 in 30 download.

So in my New Year's Goal vibe. Here is a little sheet I call 30 in 30. I am a big list person. I feel so much better if I can see I accomplished something that day. There are so many little things I would like to do around the house and the studio. So I have this list up on the fridge with little things on it that I want to do. Like I hang new curtains from Christmas. I just keep running out of time to do it. So I am gonna put it on this list. Every time I look at my "Mail Center" I think I need to fix that. I have the ideas. Just not the done part. Every time I look at the junk drawer I think yeah I could just sit down one night and run through it. But by the end of the day. I must admit I don't think straight and can't remember those little things. Like how long have I been thinking about rehanging my grandma's quilt because it looks off centered. It sounds insane and maybe I am the only Mom that gets lost in the to-do's and the interrupted before the Ta-Done part. But just in case here is a file. Both are printable and come in a different color schemes and one is fillable. So you can type it up on the computer.

This is for your personal use. Please download with that in mind. 

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But no password is needed. 

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Ileana said...

Wow! I think everyone in my house needs this. Thanks so much for the motivation and the printable.

Lisa said...

So many uses for this! Thanks so much!