Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free Pizza Printable

This past weekend was Pinewood Derby for our Cub Scouts. We wanted to give each Scout a piece of pizza for participating when they were done.When a Scout checked in they got this little token to turn in for pizza at the end. It worked out really well and it helped us keep an eye on pizza and how much we used up for the Scouts and were extra. Parents were happy to their kids got a little something to munch on after all their efforts.

In case anyone could use it for Scouts or any other project, I wanted to share.
I changed it a bit from ours to give you a little more room to use it for other events. 

And here is the cover page of the file below. Included is a pizza with circle words and no circle keyline or with a circle keyline. I cut mine with a 2 inch circle punch after I printed them. However. you could them square to if it makes your life easier. Enjoy!

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