Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Monday

Welcome to Monday!!!

I am busy busy. Trying to get a bunch of items under control before I get the call.  We have a sick little boy who has been home for the last few days and missed some big events and begged to go to school today.  I am hoping it makes it through the day, but am on standby to pick him up. I am working on my menu for food today. We picked up a bountiful basket this past weekend. So gotta make a menu plan.

So here goes.

Grilled Chicken and Brussel Sprouts. Going to try this recipe. Crunchy Sweet Brussel Sprout Salad.
-Cook extra chicken for Tuesday.

Extra Grilled Chicken and Make Chicken Nachos
-Tortilla Chips, Chicken chunks, Cheese, Salsa, Sour Cream melted together

Grilled Salmon or Steak? (Gotta ask Hubby) And Grilled Cauliflower (We grill cauliflower in tinfoil. First we toss them in a little olive oil. My goal this year is to cut salt completely out of my cooking because we all put salt on our meals. So if I can cut it in one place. It's a start. So I won't be salting it before it grills. ) This menu sounds really good. From Food Network.  However, I just don't have all of these ingredients on hand. Although I see grapeseed oil showing up more and more. I wonder what that is like. It seems to be a tossup for olive oil. I will have to look more into it.

Busy Night… Leftovers

Friday Night
Freebie Friday. Kiddo gets to make the meal or decide to not cook and have make your own.

So that is my calendar for food. This is a New Year's Goal. Get more on top of our food and using up these awesome bountiful baskets.

We also got pomegranate in our basket. I think just two of them. Does anyone have any interesting ideas for this?

We also got lots of pears. I think I am gonna cook it down into pear sauce. I have one of those cool kitchenaid attachments that will pull the peals out and give you the pear sauce. Or grill pears might be the next option. Think skewer them and maybe drizzle them with a lite sauce for better grilling. I will have to do some seeking on this.

And thank you!! I have received some really positive and happy emails over the weekend. Thank you! I really appreciate when folks take that few seconds to say Hey! Thinking about you. And for some reason when worrying about my little one these positive notes showed up in my emailbox. Just wonderful. Thank you! You made my day.

And now I am off to find some meds. Yep yep. Sharing is caring is the words they say. Personally when it comes to colds. I don't think of caring as sharing.

Have a fantastic Monday!


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