Friday, January 20, 2012

Sense of ???? what???

The quote of the week from my little child…

My little eye rolling & trying to get my “goat”  child…

So we are working on homework. New concept. I am getting a little out of sorts trying to explain .. .and well.. we are finally done. Wew. I think he got it… but …

 I started being silly and annoying and…. Buggy .. just a Mom…


My son says in a very dramatic sigh and voice…. “ My Mother has no sense of HUMILIATION!”  ( I notice him smiling and looking to see the reaction.)

Seriously? I humiliated him in front of the dogs,the horses? What? There is nothing around us to humiliate him in front of… . So I got up.. put on the tunes as loud as I could. And danced around and air guitared and head banged my long hair. And by the end of it he was on the floor banging away with drum sticks from Rock Band and laughing and thoroughly enjoying….


Oh did I tell you he wants to start a Rock Band. Yeah him and three other friends and he has plans….


OH BUDDY! Wait ‘til you see your Mom’s “sense of humiliation” just you wait !


Love my life. I truly do. Love my life.


And on that note. Have an awesome and rocking weekend!!! We plan to!


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