Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh the weekend...Love it

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We were busy busy, but we spent lots of time together so in my world that works. We bowled at a birthday party for a friend's son. D did awesome. He loves to bowl. Worked on the screen porch off the patio of the hobby barn. I am way excited about this.  An area to sit during the summer without the horse flys bugging us and Dalen can move and stretch around. Even where he can build his legos maybe and leave them setup for a bit. So thinking about different table ideas etc. Just looking forward to it. 

D Adventures. 
So today is a day off school. My son has a really sore throat and bad cough. hoping it goes away as he has awesome next weekend plans and I would hate for him to miss it. So he is hanging out and decided since he can't sing to his karaoke cd to play the "drums". He is banging and beating dish lids in his room and comes out and says "MOM? Why didn't I get a drum set for Christmas? I am so good." I smiled, hiding my panic because I have already considering calling the hubby to find out where the ear plugs for the shooting range are,  my response was... "because your room doesn't stay clean enough to make the room for it. So when I see that happen we'll talk." Big groan. "Mom I am sick. geesh. you could help me dream about having a set".. .and a way he walked. yes I am a big bad crusher of dreams. or hey .. novel idea... pick up your room. haha. what a silly boy. 

Cody Adventures
Cody loves love to fetch things from my son's room. If he can, nerf gun bullets, are the perfect grab. So if the gate is down he will rush in their and snag one and bring it out. So I had left him in the house and run out to the barn real quick. I came back in and here he sits. he looks just perfect. No worries. So pretty I even took a picture. And then I tried to call him over. He wouldn't move. Like he was frozen. I sat and thought then 
I said "Cody.... what do you have?"
and this look below is the one I got in response... 

HA! Caught him. he was trying to hard to hide it. I had to laugh. 
There is the tell a tale orange nerf bullet. So funny he tried to hide it and not move. 
And then looked away when I started to talk to him. It still makes me giggle
Did you see the cowbell around his neck. Yeah the stinker took off to the big dog yard and we couldn't find him. So we found him! and then tada. Time for the cowbell. He ran around like a crazy bat whose lost his sonar for about 30 minutes after I added it to his collar. Perfect. Now I can hear where he is while we are outside. He has gotten over it but gets mad and barked at his chest this morning when he was trying to eat and it kept hitting his bowl. 

Hubby Adventures .. 
It is cold and yuck and football game is on and he is working on the screen porch for me. He is just the bestest. He came in to watch the sad sad Packer's game. his logic after the game was... Hey I rooted for the Packers and they lost. I root for the Vikings and they lost. maybe we should both try rooting for the Vikings next year and they would win.. I smiled... rolled my eyes... and politely said. Lets Grill the BRATS! hahah. ;) love him but his football logic is not workin' for me. I have to many cheeseheads, shirts, hats etc to switch teams and purple is notttt my color. So that means.. most likely on Super Bowl.. we will be riding horse. woohoo! Even better. Love my life!

So just had to share some stories. 

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Becca said...

Oh my gosh!! I had to laugh at the pup trying to "hide" the nerf ball.. My beagle does the same thing! she just looks at me like.. "what??? I dont have anything in my paws... no I am not chewing on anything.. really".