Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coffee Mugs - vinyl

Here is another holiday gift. It is hard to show the whole name but the
beautiful hand model is my niece B and her coffee mug I personalized with
her name. (I forgot to take a pic before I gave it to her so she graciously
took one and sent it to me. Yeah! B! Thank you!) I tried to use the highest
tack possible for the mug. But Who knows how long it will last. We shall
see. I am not sold on doing more for the future. It was very hard to put on
the mug so I used Green frog tape on the letters rather then transfer tape
and I also used the Conical Warp in Make the Cut for the First time. I
cheated though and typed out the letters and tweaked them in Illustrator
first. I love my illustrator.

Well just wanted to share. And for those asking. Yes there will be another
QMC it will start in February and it should be a whopper wait til I tell you
the rest woohoo!

Have a wonderful day!

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