Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why? So bizarre?

It is so bizarre that the giggles are so loud in our house when Wipeout is on. My son giggles so hard we have incidents of liquid up the nose as he tries to drink, giggle and watch someone make a face plant into some huge red ball. I sit down to watch and wonder if the folks who signed up are deranged. How crazy are you to sit in front of the tv and say yeah I can do that. Yep let's do that as a couple even.. Well wait maybe I should stop this line of thought because at times I listen to wheel of fortune and think. Oh yeah I could do that. .. Okay wow did I share that outloud?. Well I did. But still I don't get the wipeout thing, but I must tell you the giggles in my house are so contagious. Well I am off to finish watching. Hey I didn't say I didn't giggle to. I just think it's bizarre and one day when my son has this journal to look back on or even maybe his children. They should know the best thing to hear in our house are the loud loud giggles when a silly show is on even if it is totally bizarre. Haha. Love my life. Enjoy! Chris
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Heidi said...

Evan's favorite tv show hands down!