Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They have no words to give you....

My friend from down the road called this morning. Her horse got struck by lightning Monday night and passed away 5 minutes after the vet got there Tuesday a.m.. God bless those animals that touch our spirit and bring so much to our lives. They can never tell you how they feel with words. You just have to listen with your heart and care with your soul. I just had to post about it because you could hear her voice was just so torn she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t think. I guess folks wonder why I love our horses in our lives. I couldn’t explain it to many. They just are these magnificent beings. They have no words to give you. They can only show you trust, respect and interest. They can only respond to who you are and what you give them. If you are calm, they are calm. If you are having a rough day and need to just breathe, they are excellent at peace and quiet. I lost a horse when I was pregnant. It was hard. It was an accident, but in the months before it happened I went out during the day and just stood in her pen. Just stood next to her and rested my head on her side to break up my days a little. When she did pass, we came out in the morning to find her gone. I was filled with hormones and craziness and couldn’t think straight. My friend down the road called me at that time and gave me some calming and helpful words. I didn’t know her well then, but through time we have kept in touch and chat and tend to see each other a lot more lately. I feel for her. Her loss is quick and devastating. She equated her horse to “her purpose”. I get this. She rode him every night, every weekend and raced barrels on him. She made mention of taking everything she has learned from him with her to a new horse sometime in the future. I just hope she finds some peace in her memories and in the depths of her soul. I’ll keep her heart in my prayers for it will be tender and need Gods care.

From one horse owner to another,

God Bless,


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