Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New School year. New Organization.

This year I hope to be more organized about school. With the longer days and the extra items my kiddo wants to do I got to thinking when I was folding laundry a few weeks ago. If I could just put his clothes in a place for the week on Sunday when I do clothes. I would know that his "school pride" shirt is ready to go. I would know that his Boy Scouts outfit is ready that he wants to wear etc. And my son is a clothes hound. He goes through tons of clothes in a day.

So I had this shelf I bought at a yard sale for cheap. I bought it because it matched our style, but wasn't clear on what it's use would be and well dirt cheap. So I printed the days of the week and put some Star Wars/Clone Wars lego pictures on the labels to make them "more cool" (which worked!) and put this shelf in my kiddos room.

Then last week the kiddo and I sat down and put his items on his shelf. We talked about Friday's and his school shirt. Which outfits match eachother. What shirt he wanted to wear the first day. All of these little details. My kiddo really got into it. He pulled the outfits out of the drawer and put them on the shelf and in doing so. He told me what shorts he liked and didn't like and why. This gave me a little insight into why some of the things I buy end up in the bottom of the drawer until I give them to my relatives for their boys only to realize they have only been worn once or twice. Like Buttons. He would prefer snap shorts. Buttons take to long to do when you want to get to recess. This to me is a fair request. And when you are in school all day Recess is an important part of the day. So that works. And the shirts with the stripes well he doesnt like to wear those to much because one other kid in his class was picking on him about it. I can get that. I have been that insecure kid. So it was a good visit in the kiddos room. Of course I didn't turn around and look at everything behind me. I just focused on the drawers and my shelving unit and it's purpose and talking it with the kiddo. The rest of the tornado in his room I will deal with on another day. For today, we will just do a "GO MOM" cheer for a beginning to new organization.

Have a great day!

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