Thursday, July 15, 2010

Invitations for my Sister..

Yep second post today. going through my pics.

So my Sister is having a baby. Did anyone know? Well it is coming up shortly. And I was asked to do the invitations for it. These match her bedsheet choice. Can you tell we are having a boy? woohoo. I thought they came out pretty cute. (I fuzzed out the address details, if you are wondering what the heck the empty spots are. haha).  I did little rockets on the labels and even printed out some flat notecards for her to match. And I printed out a second set of the address labels. So if she decides to write thank you notes to those who attended. (Which she better not send to me!!! Take those few moments to get a breather on your sister!) Anyways. I printed out a second set of the labels to give to her so she wouldn't have to address them. Or if she decides to use the labels for announcements or something she can. This will be part of her baby shower/bbq/party gift. So if she is reading this. (ERASE from memory. If you don't act surprised I will just be devastated. ha! Yeah right. She and I have been snitching on eachothers holiday gifts for years. IT KILLS me to know what something is and to have to wait for it. If it's in a pretty box it can wait. If I know what is in the box. Oh I just come up with a 100 plus 1 reasons why I should have it now and not have to wait. haha. ). My son is a little worried because Aunt Nannees has one baby already and will soon have two and won't have room for him. Told him this wasn't possible. and he smiled and said. We'll see. I told him it was a boy. and he said WOOHOO! and gave me the thumbs up.  I think this means she is forgiven for having a second child. haha

And that stamp on the back says Handmade with care in the shape of a heart and Chris across the middle. I used the wrong ink the first time. So they had to sit out on the counter well at least the notecards did and then the invites I got it right. So I could stuff them in the envelopes with the direction card and mail them.

Made me feel really good to be able to do them for her.Thank you to Nancy her friend for letting me jump in and just handle it. ::Hugs::

Well I better go. As I type this the lightning is getting closer and the thundering is getting worse. So the kiddo would "like some supervision" he tells me. ha! what a kid.

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