Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ah Creativity Abounds...

We have this tree in our backyard that we had to cut one of it's trunks off. So when we did. I had my hubby leave part of it there. And told him. I'd like to have it hold a table one day. (Please no complaints from arborists here) So now we are a year or so later and this showed up in the backyard. My hubby started with a base and some mosaic tiles and he knows I love suns. So he had some tiles and we grabbed some glass "stones" from the floral dep't at Michael's. My hubby was working on the arrangement of the tiles and wasn't happy with the rays on the sun. He had them all in single pieces around the  "sun" main portion. So he walked away to get some other tool and my kiddo walked over and arranged the "rays" like this. He smiled at my husband and said. see there. And my husband agreed with him. It was what it needed.

And here is a sideview of the trunk holding the table.

And then this is the finished piece. The metal bucket for a candle is my contribution. And the bright blue adirondack chair is awesome. This table sits next to my sons sandbox which kids always seem to be in when they show up at our house. So it will give a nice place for the parents to sit. the next plan is some ground cover and other items. We recently put "sun sails" over the sandbox that are bright colors as well. We just haven't figured out the pattern we want them to hang in. so when we get that fine tuned I'll add a picture. Well here's the completed table. Just nice to sit and be close to my kiddo while he plays, but still able to chat and have a conversation. And yep that pile a dirt in the background is another project under way. Always something around here.  

My son is very proud of his contribution to the way the "rays" are set.

And I must say this is totally out of my hubies norm. He usually is a straight and organized path guy. He is getting so good at nurturing the "eclectic" for his wife. When I asked him to grab two chairs to sit at the table. I said oh and .. let the kiddo pick out the colors. He just smiled.  It is wonderful. he is the best. well I am off. Have a wonderful day! Enjoy! Chris

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I absolutely love this . . . planning my own!