Friday, July 9, 2010

The Creative Side of the Men in my life...

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My husband is so wonderful. He has had this interest in leather tooling since I have known him.  So his interest has been flourishing so for Father's Day we went to the leather shop and he got to pick out some tools that he wanted. He was very excited when he got home. My husband can draw wonderfully. In fact, there is a mural on my sons wall of the mountains that my husband draw in brown pencil. Well if my son ever decides to paint his room I will have to figure out how to cut it out of the wall and frame it. I just love it. Anyways. This has been laying on the counter for a few days. Today I decided to snap a few pics. My husband of course pointed out 10 things plus 1 that were wrong with this from his viewpoint, but can I tell you he drew it instead of using a template then worked it into the leather. And this is just his second attempt. I, myself, was in awe. I love that he is the guy who fixes computers, rides horse,  is welding out on a corral as I type this and can draw a set of flowers and tool them into leather. He just makes my heart beam.

Below are two side views of the work, but the more I look at them they look like carmel. Wow I have a sweet tooth today. haha.

So then my son saw me taking pictures of Dad's work and stuck this up in my camera view. Look at this he said. See I did this tile. It has us three, our dogs, the house. Take the picture. So here is my son's creative forces at work. I bought some things over the summer for him to do and one of them was this tile.

He is wonderful and turning into the little creative guy. He has figured out how to run my Cricut, use windows movie maker on his little netbook and record his own little lego movies and even add fade to them. Wow. He's 6. I have a feeling my little Michael's kid projects will lose interest as time progresses, but for me this tile is priceless.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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ninamerle said...

Ummm Chris,
That is great. I see no mistakes. I do see some awesome belts and other goodie. Your hubby is very talented. I love reading about your son. Have a great day! Nina