Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cooling off in the summer heat

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As you know if you visit my blog often, we watch alot of westerns, John Wayne, in particular in this family. and a familiar scene is one of the hot days and warm nights and of course someone getting thrown in the horse water trough. Well this past weekend, we spent alot of time walking a horse that is colicing and not doing well. We were up at 11:30 pm in the dark walking him or sitting and listening to him sleep in silence. My hubby and I sat in the moonlight and listened to the desert as it cooled hand in hand. just praying that our friends horse will get over this hump and make it. During the day, we spent it in the sun so a little warmer. So we have a barely used trough. We filled it with water and my son was the happiest ever seen. It is deep enough to even get out the snorkle. I am not sure my hubby was to thrilled I was gonna add a picture of him in the trough, but a cowboy cooling off in the heat. woohoo. Life is good!

And here is the kiddo just floating later by himself. this patio is the one on our hobby barn. It is a nice place for us to cool off and hang out.

My hubby grinned at me afterwards. He agreed my idea of the water trough was good. I told him one day when our kiddo has grandkids he will tell them about how his parents let him float in a water trough to escape the heat. This made my hubby smile. Even tho' the weekend was stressed with worry. We smiled alot. It is good to have a best friend to hang out with during troubled times and also during good. It's how you handle the stress that builds that solid bridge. I always feel like I can turn to my hubby to laugh, to giggle or just to pause and feel the comfort. Which is a good thing because a few hours later I tripped and sliced the bottom of my toe off. (I am talented I know. ) After realizing I was standing in blood, I hobbled to the house and sent the kiddo to get Dad. Hubby came in the house as I lay on the floor with my foot up in the air to try to slow the bleeding. He just smiled at me that angled little grin. I am not quite sure it said... " what has my wife gotten herself into now?"  or "is this her way of not having to walk the horse in the heat anymore?" haha. Never ever have I had a cuter medic in boots and a hat. And a rescue guy that ran for Dad at the speed of light. so it's all wrapped up and sitting elevated as I type this because it starts to pound when I smack it on stuff.. which if course I just did.. so maybe his angled little grin was... "how clumsy is my wife?" haha. maybeI'll have to ponder that.

But for now.. I'll just .. Love my life.


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jasper said...

Ha Ha Ha....I love your "hillbilly hot tub"...very creative!! But I'm totally jealous that you have a "Craft Barn"...really?? I want one too!!! Thanks so much for everything you share...love your blog. Jas

Heidi said...

That's a great pic, and OUCH! About your toe. Hope that the horse is feeling better. :(

Ileana said...

We used to freeze gallon milk jugs of water and toss them in the hot tub to help cool off in the summer. You would think it would take a lot but one or two really do make a difference.

The pictures are priceless!