Monday, September 14, 2009

The weekend and things that might interest you...

The weekends over and now onto the work week. I can already tell it will be a great and exciting week.

This past weekend we went to the Pima County Fairgrounds for an open class horse show. put on by the SAAHA. Southern Arizona Arabian Horse Association. We have quarter horses ourselves, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to see some work being done on beautiful horses. and because it was open class there were a few quarter horses there as well. We went to watch Punk Carter. Punk Carter is a past National Cutting Horse Association President and excellent trainer and cutting competitor. So impressive to see him working his horse in the arena. It was one of those typical will it or won't it rain in Arizona nights. Well it did decide to rain. So being the Arizonans who are horse devotees, we got off the metal bleachers and continued to watch and chat and pick the brains of Punk Carter. There are about twenty or so of us just chatting in a close circle with the rain coming down. Not in buckets at first but we were getting a little wet and there is a lull in the conversation and my son says... You wanna know what?? we all look down at him... "You wanna see my buckle?" and he was in his lifting up his shirt leaning his back back and sticking the belly out so everyone can see his buckle. To Mr. Carter's credit he got down on one knee and said "Yes, Yes I do." And he talked with him for a second and my son was beaming from ear to ear for the rest of the night. Afterwards we went to a friends for his birthday and he asked me what we thought of Punk Carter.. I was ready to answer with" I appreciated his willingness to openly share his ideas and how he has gone through life figuring out the next thing to learn about horses and cutting and more"... And my son Piped up with his grown up tone and nodding his head like a seasoned cowboy "He's pretty nice" This is a high rank from my 5 year old when most things his parents do entail patience and waiting. All in all it was a relaxed demonstration of a man's knowledge and my husband and I definitely appreciated his sharing it with all of us.

Great evening for sure!!!!

And now from life here are a few things around the web you may want to check out...

For those with a cricut the new Gypsy will be unveiled in a bundle on HSN on Sept 24th. I may not need it, but my hands just itch to play with it. Here is a page with a demonstration test drive so you can see some of it's features.

Here is Punk Carter's Website in case you want to see. I know I have some horse folk reading my site. If he decides to demonstrate in your town I would highly recommend it. And he has a BBQ Sauce. maybe it would be a good stocking stuffer for my hubbies holiday gifts.

Have you seen one of these???

My friend Lori decided to help me out with some anniversary prizes and this is one of them! Wow Wow Wow. You can see more of her items at I had these done for my creative team last year and I think they all loved them and really appreciated having such a treasure. Keep an eye on the forum the 1st - 4th of October for all the details.

And for those who are prepping for the holidays here is a site that lists online store codes. This is a great resource... Yes I might be addicted to the pinching your pennies site after my screaming deal on amazon.

Also, we are winding down our first weekly challenge you have until Wednesday to enter and then Thurs there will be a new one. Hope you can make it in there with a Halloween project. Read the forum for more info.

And that is it for me today. hope you have a wonderful day!



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