Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to Monday! some weekend crafts.

What a great weekend! We spent it very busy and got lots done and had tons of fun. I am gonna spread out the pictures so you aren't stuck here all day reading my ramblings.

First on Friday we had parent teacher conferences... It went really well. My sons teacher was very positive and kept saying he has achieved this and mastered this and is mastering this and needs to master this. and a few other things... so we walked out and my son says to my hubby and I "Did you hear that??? I am a master!" and my hubby and I giggle at eachother while he walks between us both in hand and grinning from ear to ear. We know that truly for some that would be the end of it, but we know my son is a Star Wars junky and for him to "master" something is truly a light saber moment. too cute. But he is doing well and listens to the teacher and conducts himself well in school. So it was a great start to the weekend.

Then we went ranch sorting on Friday night and Saturday a.m. did some cutting practice. I got to ride and hold herd at the cutting practice so that was lots of fun! I fit the "pit crew" description on Friday nights when my guys are going every which way. So getting to ride and not worry about it was fun. Friday night my hubby did awesome. He is so much fun to watch! A friend of ours came to watch and is interested in giving it a try as well. Pretty awesome.

Then Saturday noonish we came home and veg'ed we watched an online horse auction and the horses we picked as the best of the group went for a pretty penny. So very nice to watch the auction in air conditioning tho'. I think my son was thinking we were nutz, but he got over it. Then he and Dad ran to the store and came back with some steaks for the grill. (love my hubby) He cooked them up and we watched a movie. not one I would normally pick but just silly called Surfer Dude with Matthew McConaughee.. is that how it is spelled? I am not sure.. but either way.. It was a good no brainer... literally no brainer movie.. that my hubby and I veg'ed on the couch together some more.

Before the movie I had time to do a few crafts. Carmen who is a member of our forum posted some pictures of a pumpkin she decorated on her facebook page and I really liked it. So I got a few of those carveable pumpkins from Michaels. And saved mine for another day this week to do. so I could work on one with my kiddo. My son helped me cut the Happy halloween vinyl and put the glittery foam stickers I had bought all over the pumpkin. It was a fun and easy project for him to do. And his Grandma was very happy. I think it lifted her spirits and he was proud to have it for her. We picked up this Angel for Grandma's collection about a month ago at Hobby Lobby. I love it. I told my hubby if he didn't take it to her this weekend I was gonna kidnap it permanently. So we took it to her. She is holding a pumpkin, but I think will make it through thanksgiving.

I thought he did a pretty good job. I had to peel and stick the words, but he had fun putting on the vinyl. We have enough glitter stickers left for another project if anyone has any ideas. I thought cards, but I am not sure that will go over well with the kiddo, but maybe we'll make a few and work on our letters while we write out the envelopes for mailing.

And next. I wanted to play with my Jolee's hotfix heat gun. So I did so on a small blank canvas bag they had in the Halloween section at Michael's. This is going to a close friends daughter in two weekends. One of those friends you have picked as family because you just love them so much. I have time still to go through my stash and fill it with paper and pens and scissors. I will try to take another picture with it full. She is also in Kindergarten this year and loving the writing and homework and more. I hope she likes this. I am getting the hang of the heat gun and almost ready to graduate up to a few more interesting things. I had one booboo on the bottom right, but my hubby said he wouldn't have even noticed it. so I am gonna scrape it to get the little glue off. I have learned to have a thin pair of tweezers close by when doing this just in case one gets stuck you can push it out easily. But otherwise I think I am getting the hang. So I think there will be more projects as well with the crystals attached.

I am gonna save those pictures of the crazy animals in our life and birthday party pictures we went to for later in the week. So have a wonderful rest of the week and until tomorrow...

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