Friday, September 11, 2009

Mutton Bustin' Picture and just BRILLIANT!

First here is a picture of my guys in the pool at my brother's house. This was a swim at about hmm 8 a.m. Yes we jump in the water early here in arizona. My son was anxious and excited to get in the pool. My hubby and brother did lots of throwing the kids around and playing. It was a ton of fun.

And here is the Mutton Busting picture. This was a very quick ride with lots of grandparents in the stands cheering him on. As well as many friends. In the back of the chute on the left is my hubby in the blue shirt and a friend of ours who rides bulls in the black hat. It was a lot of fun and a great time. Next year we hope to stay the weekend. I was glad the photographer for the event got the picture because everyone elses picture was of my kiddo on the ground lookin' to the heavens above. The photographer was a super nice guy and you could tell he really liked what he did which made it even more fun. Originally they were gonna crop the picture so it was just my son, but I told them to back it out so we could see Dad and also get a perspective on how little he is in the picture. And yes this one is going in the scrapbook! Lots of fun.

Got a nice little email from my Mom today. She wanted to clarify that she did go to parent teacher conferences when I was young. There came a point when I told her she didn't need to go anymore and she agreed with me. And this was because I was a BRILLIANT child. Just BRILLIANT. hahahaa.. You didn't know you were reading a brilliant persons blog, but you are reading a blog who had involved parents on many levels. I must have not been the trouble child because I still don't remember those conferences. And that whole Brilliant thing is me being dramatic, but if you want to agree with it. I'll let ya'
And on that note my BRILLIANT arm is broken from patting myself on the back. So have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget to participate in the challenge which is due by next Wednesday in my forum. A Halloween themed project made with any of my files!! We already have an entry posted yeah!!!!
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