Thursday, September 17, 2009

So much going on today... Grab your favorite drink and have a seat....

Hellllo Hellllo!!!

I have quite a list of items I am working on so here we go. I'll just list a few for now ....

First the Challenge for last week is over. I have put the names in the random generator for the winning participatant in our NEW weekly challenge at the forum and will announce that person hopefully by the end of tonight (like the title says. lots and lots going on here.. haha) Okay and so when you head over there the next thing to do is... Look at this weeks challenge by Tina. It has something to do with this picture below... you can find the details HERE.

Second... Did you head over to the forum or your 4shared link and download the QMC files?

The last one is up. So jump on in and get them downloaded before the deadline. Here is the list of files you should have:

1. Puppy Love Word Book -- CD00556
2. Bone Jumble and Frame -- CD00557
3. Computer Class -- CD00555
4. Teddy Bear Sleeping / Pencil -- CD00559
5. Birthday Bear and Apple -- CD00562
6. Bless Us O Lord -- CD00560
7. Foodie Words -- CD00564
8. Cookie Sweet Pack -- CD00567
9. Cozy Kitten -- CD00569
10. PURRRFECT Word Book -- CD00568
11. Flames -- CD00570
12. Flames or Tattoos 2 -- CD00572
13. Confirmation -- CD00571
14. Cowboy -- CD00573
15. Cowgirl -- CD00575
16. Spring Swirls -- CD00577
17. Ringlet Border -- CD00578
18. 1st thru 3rd Grade -- CD00595
19. 4th thru 6th Grade -- CD00596
20. Happy Ghost -- CD00592
21. Ready for a Wicked Ride? -- CD00594
22. Halloween Cupcake Wrappers -- CD00590
23. When Pigs Fly -- CD00589
24. Mine is Chocolate -- CD00588
25. A Sign of Genius -- CD00591
26. Ladybug -- CD00593
27. Laugh Out Loud -- CD00597
28. SOOO Big -- CD00598
29. Random -- CD00602

And YES the next Membership is coming to the store. probably sometime next week. I already have had lots of requests and searches for it. So it is a coming. WOOHOO!!

3rd on to life..
Hey so you know I am always into something new and different. So here is my latest. I have a neighbor who does 4H and raises other animals for it and she also has a Tilapia tank. Which she harvests and they have fresh fish. well she called me a week or so ago and said ya know. you seemed interested and I have a ton of teeny baby fish do you want some. I of course chatted with the hubby and said sure. I know he thinks I am crazy, but I, also, think he thinks it's neat and I know this is why he loves me. So here are some pictures of my fish tank with little teeny Tilapia that will live there til next spring when they will go out in the big tank. Gives me time to find a pump and some other items. They are really cool to sit and watch because they just zoom around the tank in bunches. And there are definitely different sizes. hopefully you can see the little white blurs. Well that is my new adventure. My kiddo is excited to have a big tank like the neighbor and thinks my fish tank looks like a beach. He now wants his to look like the beach to. very cute! Love that kid and the hubby for letting me try new and crazy things. My Dad told me when I talked to him that one day I'll be old and gray and my son will say "Remember that time you decided you were gonna be a Tilapia farmer. " hahaha. My Dad has been pretty nostalgic when I talk to him lately. Very cute.

I better get back to it. A ton to do before the weekend. Hope your ready for a great weekend! I know I am .

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And our cutter file "freebies" are kept in the forum. We add to them as we can.

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