Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh the animals... But first Happy Celebration..

In case you didn't know our anniversary is coming up. I am surrounded by a phenomenal group of people and there will be lots of ways to win items and have fun. I appreciate everyone around me who has helped me this year and joined me in the store this year. I could never say thank you enough We are celebrating with Lots of Candles instead of just one because there are so many I interact with everyday you all warm my heart and makes my day. So don't forget to join the forum and post a couple of times so you can get ready to enter in all the drawings.

And now on to our crazy animal weekend. Here are a few this is our Border Collie Freckles. She has a frizbee that we throw for her. She loves to run. run. and run some more. She jumped up to grab the frizbee out of the air and caught it around her head and then wouldnt let me take it off. She just ran around happy happy that she had it to chew on and shake her head. It was cute so i had to shoot some pics. And yes that is our firepit wood and the fort or the "condo" as our horse shoer calls it. One day we hope to put flagstone in this area as a patio, but it is one of the many things on a list of t0 do's. It is getting nearer but I am still searching for a source of flagstone. And have to have some water pipe and cables run underneath first. So it is almost a work in progress but right now just a thought in progress as i think through and watch for rental coupons for ditch witchs and other items.

And on to Freckles.. She looks like Astro from the jetsons. I told my hubby this and officially I dated myself. haha. She is just so much fun to watch run around. Eddie and Judy totally blessed us with their generousity and letting us have her. Half the time when she runs she doesn't even look like she touches the ground.

And you would think I could get it off of her right here but she only let me take her picture and then would run off. My boys are in the house getting ready to go. I wish I had had a camera for the jump it was a huge jump in the air and when she hooked it she spun around like where did it go then did this weird jump happy dog dance and ran around faster then can be. It was fun!

And on Sunday. We saw this guy trying to cross the road. So we stopped and put him back on the side of the road. So he wouldn't get hit. He probably thought "DAMN now I have to walk all that way again", but with the traffic on that road on the weekends he woulda never made it. So seldom do we see the desert tortoises. I have seen pet turtles out in the desert and the neighbor down the road had an abandoned boa constrictor in her horse barn once. When you live on a dirt road lots of folks think you can drop things off because you dont want to take care of them anymore. It is very sad.
And then this picture below is the rescue team. haha. Yes that is a darth vader costume from a few Halloweens ago. My son is in full Halloween preparation and has even given me blueprints for decorations and the likes that he has hand drawn. We were on the way to Grandma's and honestly Grandma and Papa won't mind the costume. And I firmly believe in picking my battles. Walking into a grocery store in a darth vader cape not a major battle. Finding your library book in a room that looks like the entire squad of storm troopers faught in. A battle. And Darth Vader's accomplice is pretty handsome if I do so say so myself. Love that guy. His look is why did you get out of the truck with a camera on the side of the road?? hahaah Isn't it?and then when we got to Grandma's ... when we went to leave this guy which was larger then average backyard lizard here sat in front of the door. My Son opened the door and bent down and the lizard was an arms length away and the guy didn't move. Didn't even care that there were 4 adults looking at it and talking and moving about 20 inces from him. One with a camera. My son closed the door after Papa said. "If you let it in the house you get to find it. " The Rescue squad didnt have their vader rescue costume on so we decided to leave him there and go out the front door.
And as for the Tilapia farming. It is going good. I have not had any floaters. I am going to have to seek out a source for food. I want to make sure it isn't something that ads color or something we don't need to ingest. My son sat with me and watched the tank yesterday evening and said. "what are we gonna do with them all" "I said we are gonna grow them in this tank and then when spring comes throw them in the stock tank and then we will fish for them." He looked at me very calmly as he punched holes in my details and plans... His first comment which came with an incredulous look was... "Are they gonna get any bigger?" I had to giggle because right now they are just teeny (some are smaller then a pencil head) and then his next comment was "We don't have a lake to fish here MOM!" The look was totally Well DUH! I said "that's okay we'll put them in the stock tank and pull the boat over and we can sit in the boat and cast off the side into the tank. It'll be kind like being at the lake, but not." He sat there quietly for a few seconds and mulled over the picture in his head and said to me... "That's ridiculous" and walked away shaking his head. He left the room and I could not stop giggling. I told my hubby later and then we couldn't stop giggling either. So I look forward to the day they are big enough to pull the boat over to the stock tank and see what my son has to say then. haha. I am sure it will be MOM you are ridiculous. But Hey it will be worth it to see him laugh at his silly Mom and enjoy the moment. Totally worth it.

Well that is animal kingdom for us last weekend without the riding horses included. Hope you enjoy my random family life stories and more.
Have a terrific Tuesday!

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