Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Angie - Creative Team Member

Hello to everyone.. Today is a great day for another Creative Team Member Announcement. You can read more about Angie at her Creative Page. One of her recent submissions is a file that is on sale individually and in a bundle this starting Feb 1st. I love the colors and the style

and also here are a few more items she has sent to me in the past using my files.

Welcome to the group Angie!!
Gotta run. Lots to finish up today!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Monday post a little early

Well I think we are feeling better.... Dad and Son decided to work on the fort. I have a feeling this fort might say NO GIRLS ALLOWED on it. :-)

So here is my ATC Card for the Challenge. Of course I can't partipate, but wanted to make one. Once I had a thought in my head it took me all of 35 minutes to cut and put this card together. Everything I have read says the Artist Trading Card should be your style and this is part of my style... So if you had the words... A PART OF ME. what would your "part of me" be? Something to ponder. Well, It was fun. My hubby gave me the nod when he saw this. So he actually liked something that wasy scrappy-ish. I hope you have had chance to think about what you might do and can get one entered in the challenge. Here are more details at the forum.

I couldn't get the colors right when taking the picture but the horse is a solid brown color.

The border is one from the Simple Frames file recently added to the store and Western Skies.

So this weekend wasn't alot of activity, but more resting. Next weekend is the Super Bowl and the Pack isn't playing so unless we get a really tasty offer. I think I will watch the game at home on my little tv. We shall see how it plays out.

I have a poll for the next file for the QMC. So let me know which you'd like. I was thinking about New Year's resolutions and came up with these for those who need the umph or something to decorate those journals everyone says you should have to help you stay Focused. If you have an exercise journal started for the New Year and decide to use one of these files to decorate it. I would love to see it. Here are the two file choices. One will hit the store and one the QMC. Which one would you like?

On that I better run finish the laundry and get ready for school and work tomorrow. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Saturday post...

It's Saturday. We are being so lazy. I went and got a few groceries and am now playing with files. A few of the new ones I have been working on have hit the store. I have shown them on the left here. Links for them is below.

I posted to the QMC membership and will have another couple next week. I think for this first membership we will be way over the 20 file mark. 20 plus files for $10.00 and because I have 15 emails asking about when we can sign up for next quarter and few people have had to be refunded because they purchased 1st quarter thinking it was 2nd quarter. Well I uploaded the 2nd quarter to the store. The 2nd quarter area will not open until April 1st. but for those asking me when they can get the membership you can find it at the store HERE. The 1st quarter is still in the store until January 31st and then it is closed. You can find it at the top of my bestsellers list. My blog visitors are just awesome. Thank you to everyone for supporting me in this endeavor.

So I am still working away on my main webpage. Updating a page a day as I go. I have found this is much better then slamming through it all. It has been an interesting learning experience. I need the new Dreamweaver I am working with MX a very old version it seems. Or so I have been told.

So how did I get my Minnesota Vikings Fan to cheer for the Greenbay Packers??? How you ask? How? I told him if the Packers won we could buy the flat screen tv he wants. So I could have a superbowl party. Well sad to say the Pack didn't win, butttt my husband gained something.... He knows I am ready to crack on the purchase of a flat screen tv. 6 months of wearing me down. Truth be told Iam finally getting sick of stomping my foot on the ground to make the tv pop back on. Why not jump out to get it?? Because I am a software addict and have my eye on the new dreamweaver and photoshop and acrobat. hmm.. so I am saving a little each month to get those. I give it a month and we will have a new flat screen in our living room. But the positive I got to see my husband root on my team! without complaint! It was awesome. haha.

I think we are getting better. I actually slept for a full night without waking up to a coughing child, but he still sounds wheezy and just icky, but sleep. Sleep definitely improves my attitude!

Well I better get back to the files I have in the works.

Have a wonderful weekend!




Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to Friday....

Friday means my hubby can come home and sleep all weekend and we can all try to recoup some more. My goal is school on Monday for the little one. Work for me. and Work for Dad. Woohoo! Unfortunately, Saturday is my son's first soccer game, but I don't think we will attend just because he is still coughing so hard and won't be through all the meds the doc gave him. I would love to attend to support the team, but he would never understand why he can't play. So he will miss his first soccer game, but hopefully be healthy for the rest of them.

So today another Creative Team Member. ... Rosalie. You have seen many of Rosalie's pieces on my blog. She has worked with my Number Jumble, Father's Day Mini Album & Autumn Beauty Jumble.

I love the color change in the pictures in this bottom one and highlighting the number 5. Fantastic!

Welcome to the group Rosalie! For more on Rosalie visit her at her Creative Page HERE.

Snap shots... yep I added it to my blog to see how it works out. I always get emails asking where the links are and I am hoping they will be obvious. I narrowed the area for the pop to show to just above the little bubble. So you should have to be right above it to make it pop. Trying to make things user friendly, but easy to read.

And next. ... The ATC Challenge.. I have sketched what I am going to do. It would be a quick project for me, but I started sketching and came up with an idea for a file so went and did that. Then went back and did something and something else. and then forgot about my sketch. I should keep a notebook with ideas. So I got a rolling cart for my supplies so when not in the craft room I can sit out here in the living room with the boys and still have easy access to my supplies and not leave them piled on the table etc. So I am curious as to what are your have to haves in your rolling cart. It looks like a milk crate with a canvas tool organizer around the outside of it. So which scrapbook tools would you use? Also, the middle is just an empty hole. Your thoughts on best things to use to organize in the middle. Or if you have a picture of your rolling cart stuffed to the gills I would love to see it. Just email it to me. I want to get it together this weekend. So my hubby doesn't think it is an unorganized catchall which is what it is right now. I appreciate your ideas.

This is the last few days you can sign up for the QMC for the first quarter. Alot of people are asking about where they can sign up for the next quarter. It will be loaded the Paperthreads store after January 31st.

The Artist Trading Card Challenge information can be found at the forum. The prize is $15.00 in the store for anything your heart desires. So check out the details and consider the teeny tiny project. We already have a few entrants from our Creative Team by Karen and Vicki. Thanks for participating!

So I am off to try and catch up on my projects and try to figure out why my little one is complaining about his ear when he is already on antibiotics. and Laundry. ugh. why does Laundry build so much. wew!

My friend Lori had a wonderful hybrid project posted on her blog yesterday for those interested. I thought it was cute. And a great use of the two scrapbooking techniques.

Off I go and have a wonderful day!!!



Thursday, January 24, 2008

Did I miss yesterday?

I went to do a post today and realized I missed yesterday. Wow. How did that happen? I know how it happened. Doctor's visits, hubby is now getting sick, accounting for the office and in the middle of it all.... File insipration .. woohoo!! I was just working away on it like crazy. Then my hubby said I am going to bed and I realized it was 830 and my son is a hacking away. So I spent the rest of the night snuggled on the couch with my little one so he sleeps upright and doesn't cough and cough. So I watched trash tv and thought about files and files and files. So this is a good thing. But for right now.... I have to get back to them. So more tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Artist Trading Card Challenge... and just ponderings.. wanderings of my mind

So I have to ask because this happens to me. I get into this tiny tiny slump over crafting. Scrapbooking and all my crafts included. I have crafts in various stages in my craft room. I could sit down and finish ome but I just havent gotten there. I have been really looking at the ATC challenge I have been participating in with Jan and Carrie. It is a tiny 2.5x3.5 size and I have a few files in mind that I think if I sat down with all the things I need I could just make a few and see how they turn out. My next thought which file do I choose? Really? Anyone? I am very equine motivated and I love the horse in my Western Skies file. But there are alot of other files that are just me to.. hmm I will have to think on this. For more details you can hit the forum, but there are two weekends you can work on this and get something in, but think if you had an idea it would probably only take an hour or two to put one together. And it would be that finished project. Artist Trading Cards. Who would I trade them with? Truthfully I would probably poke them up on my bulletin board to ponder when trying to finish my other projects I have started.

This thought process brings me to my craft room. I have such a ton of things from different crafts and I wonder do I need them? I would like to upload to ebay, but the whole waiting thing and uploading and then paying paypal/ebay fees ugh. Maybe I will create a page on my mainwebsite that is my little yard sale of sorts. hmm another thing to ponder further. Either way it has to be cleaned out. So I will be trying to do that in the next few months.

I am full of ponder because I feel like I have been in a fog for three days with this cold and my little one being sick. Having such a hard time keeping my little ones fever in control today. So I am hoping we will get through this cold soon. And for now I am off to hold him upright for a while so he can take a little nap.

There are quite a few challenges over at Paperthreads still running. A few have entered, but here is a list of those you can possibly still take part in. Have fun!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Download link for Cupid Heart

As promised here is the download link for today. the password has been sent to my yahoo group. Sorry it took so long. The day got away from me. Enjoy! Chris


If you click this link and it says this link has been removed or been disabled the file is over its download limit and has been taken down.


Hello for now... Download a little later.. Creative Team Member

So are you trying to catch up on all the scrapbook pages you need?

Customer Appreciation day is in full swing at the forum with lots of challenges and games. Some ending today and some ending in a few days.

I am participating in one and that is the ATC Challenge. Artist Trading Cards. They kind of remind me of the Valentine's we used to give out in grade school. Do they still do that I wonder? hmm... For more details you can visit our section in the forum for the challenge. Jan, Carrie & I are excited to see what everyone comes up with. If you havent' done one before this would be your opportunity to give it a try!

I will be uploading the link for "Cupid Found My Heart" later today as a download. I just need to take care of the little one for a bit and when he gets in a nap I will set it all up. So I shall see you back here later with a little more info! And for those in the QMC no worries. The file will be posted there soon so join us at your leisure!

Ger Carruthers, one of my new creative team members sent me these images below of two of my more recent files. The Damask Inspired card was posted to the store just a few days ago. These are beautiful. Excited to have Ger on the creative team.

A litle more about Ger....
Well what can I say I am a thirty something Mum of two and wife to a wonderful man in the Armed Forces and I live in a little seaside village in Scotland. From an early age I had family around me who crafted and I liked to dabbled in it myself but as I got older I grew out of it, thankfully some years later when I had given birth to my second child I found a whole new love for it again.I first started card making and then was introduced to scrapbooking from a friend who had lived for some years in the U.S, I also like to dabble in altered art and since having my Craft Robo my work has taken on a whole new exciting direction.I am at a really exciting time with my crafting as I am currently setting up my own craft store so being asked to be part of the team as well is fantastic, I can’t wait to get creative with Chris’s wonderful files and working with the rest of the team.

Damask Inspired 1

Welcome to the team Ger!!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Challenge it is...

I am nursing a sickie child (I guess it is that time of year), so my post will have to be quick.
That's right! We're hosting an Artist Trading Card Challenge at Paperthreads! The prizes will be awesome! The Grand Prize really equates to cash! Carrie and Chris and I have pitched in on a Gift Certificate to Paperthreads, that means you can buy anything you want with it! You could even use it to get a discount off that new KNK you've been eyeing for a while! Or try out some materials you've been dreaming of like iron on transfer or Grungeboard! And 2nd and 3rd prizes are not far behind in value with some cool files from some cool designers... um... US!
The rules are pretty simple and here they are:
1. Your finished ATC card must be the standard ATC card size of 3.5"x2.5" (can be either portrait or landscape). The card can unfold or have interactive elements that come out from the card, but when "at rest" or closed it must be the standard size.
2. Your ATC card must contain at least one file from one of our hosting designers: Jan Bryson (Sam & Hailey Designs), Chris Durnan (Visual Designs by Chris), and/or Carrie Schwartz (Carrie's Creations). The one file you use from the hosts cannot include the free files being given away on our blogs tomorrow.
3. That's it! Anything else goes! The more unique materials and techniques you use, the more votes you will get!
4. Post your work in the Paperthreads Gallery on February 2nd or 3rd.
5. Voting will be conducted on February 4th and 5th.

You can use any of the three designers files for the challenge.

There are a few weekends to work on them.

My Simple Borders file might be a great file to use, but

you can use any of my files. No Specifics. Make it your own.

I can't wait to see everyones creativity.


This one is from Karen using the

This one is also from Karen and it is You Should See the Other Guy

Okay I have to go....

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Watch for fun and downloads tomorrow!!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Friday.... woohoo!!

Yep we made it to Friday. I have a few new files in the store and bundled up my valentine's ones as well in wait for the sale on the 21st. I won't have a presale on the Valentine's Bundle. So make sure to get it at 50% if you can use it. For those of us on the West coast the sale starts at about 9 pm. on Sunday night. Wohooo! So we get a jump on the ball.
I will have an announcement of a challenge on Monday and the prize is a money prize and I threw in with two other designers at Paperthreads to do it. Sooo WOOHOO. I am wondering if anyone can guess what the theme will be?? Anyone??

And my next announcement is Joni Damico as a creative member.

I have known Joni for quite a while and she even entered my wordbook challenge with a book about Ace! And also sent me some other pieces. Here are a few of her projects she has shared with me and I look forward to her happy smile on the team.

About Joni...

I started scrapbooking in 2001 and really love all aspects of it ~ from shopping, creating, socializing, organizing, and collecting! I haven't learned yet how to create files on my Wishblade so Chris's blog has always been one of the first I check everyday to see what is new. I was very honored when she asked me to be part of her Creative Team! I've been using her files on my projects since my Wishblade arrived last year. I look forward to getting a lot of scrappin' done and sharing it with you.
I live near Tampa, Florida but originally we are from Pittsburgh. (GO STEELERS!) I've been happily married to my high school sweetheart John for 33 years and we have two grown children Jeremy 32 and Jessica 30.

And her future files can be found on this page.... HERE.

Welcome to the team Joni!

Also, I am working on some files for the QMC so there should be uploads next week and here are some of the files that hit the store in the last few days. Thank you to those who are a part of my membership and purchase my files. In supporting me, you support my family and I really can't thank you enough for that.

I better run.. my little one is waiting patiently for me to find the Peter Pan movie. And I think I might put on my running shoes and see if I can't walk for twenty minutes while he watches the movie. I have to do something. We are definitely on a healthier lifestyle trend. So I better get with it.
Links for this post

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So now you know...

if you get the Paperthreads newsletter that is ... January 21st is a Paperthreads sale. All the designers are having a sale on their files from 20%-50% off. My section is 50% off. So don't buy any files until then. It is a Customer Appreciation Day and make sure to hit my blog that day because I should have some appreciation to download as well. And I know a few of the others will be offering specials on their blogs. So don't miss it. There should be lots of activities and fun in the forum with lots of chances to win extra prizes and enter new challenges.

And another Creative Team Member... Vicki Finger. Vicki was so excited that she has already sent me her first project. This project includes the Memories Curly Matte or Frame and the Autumn Beauty Jumble. Wonderful Wonderful...

Here is a bit about Vicki and you can find her future projects and contact info on my main site HERE.

Vicki has been married for 23 years, has 3 grown daughters and 7 grandchildren ranging in age from 16 years to 5 months. Charlie, who just turned 7, loves to do paper crafts with “Mimi” and has his own album just for his drawings and things that he makes. Cutting and pasting are two of his favorite things to do.
Vicki has done several types of crafting through the years from sewing to handmade Christmas Ornaments and cards. In recent years she has worked as a Professional Photographer doing primarily children’s portraits or NHRA & NRBC Equestrian Events for a local doctor who is also an Equine Chiropractor. Vicki has also done Logo Design, Brochure Design, Advertising Design & Web Design.
In 1998 a friend introduced her to Creative Memories Scrapbooks and it was LOVE at first sight for Vicki. Vicki loves the convenience and ease of purchasing files from designers rather than making her own. This is how she discovered Visual Designs by Chris. The WishBlade is a great expansion of her already acquired tools for Scrapping! She does have a
blog and you can see her projects there from time to time as well as in the Gallery at the Paperthreads Forum.

Welcome Vicki!!

So I better run. I have to look for the shinguards for practice and the soccer ball. Lord knows where they are. AHHHHH!!! And my hubby said he would be at practice. My son will be so happy. And I was worried about the Coach. He has it under total control and doesn't need my help much at all.

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the newsletter! And keep smiling... I am cause tomorrow I get to work on cutter files most of the day. WOOOHOOOO!!!



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Terrific Tuesday...Welcome to it!

First let me announce my next Creative Team Member .... I am just doing these in the order they are getting information to me... Dana Tuskey! Here is a page put together with my Believe Curly Matte or Frame. I think it came out wonderfully.

And here is her Bio...

I have been married for almost 15 years to my wonderful husband, Keith. We have two great children. Zachary is 13 and Olivia is 6.We live in Central New Jersey, half way between Philadelphia and New York City. I am student teaching to finish up my teaching degree. I am an avid scrapbooker. I love creating keepsakes for my family and future generations so that they can know where they came from. I own a Silhouette and have been enjoying so much! I use it for everything from scrapbook layouts to cards to bulletin boards for my classroom. I am very excited to be part of this creative team.

Welcome to the team Dana!!

If you are not a subscriber to the newsletter at Paperthreads, then you will miss out on the announcement for the 21st... so don't miss it...

I have been going through a major revamp on my mainsite and recently registered the website http://www.visualdesignsbychris.com/ It has been a new learning experience. I am definitely more relaxed about making cutter files then about websites. wow. So maybe this summer I will consider a class so I can better get a handle on it. But at least the site for now is making it's way. The next site I will be revamping will be the Colton's Friends site. busy busy.

On to life...

Here are some pics of my little one and Dad working on the fort. They were having a good old time. My two guys are cheese monsters with their cheesy grins.

Love the red boots. He picked them out himself in Vegas.

So Legos are the toy of choice for my little one. We have had a discussion since he has graduated to the little bitty ones that they need to remain on the table at all times. He is building monstrosities and just enjoying himself. We bought him a small card table for the living oom and it is a hit. Tonight I think we will play chutes and ladders and see how he does.

This is my Ruby Girl. when we got her she was skittish and didn't trust us. She obviously had spent some serious time in a kennel and not being handled. She talks to me when I get home and chats and loves us completely. She shies away from the camera alot So this is a rare occurence of her face. Usually the pics are with her looking away or looking down. I love my pups for sure!

Well I better run!!



Monday, January 14, 2008

Creative Team is a coming...

Hello to everyone I have a lot to ramble so pull up your Diet Coke, Coke, Coffee, Lemonade, Hot Tea or what you have to drink and get comfy..

It is an exciting time for me. It is almost a year since I started this blog and what a year it has been. I am proud to announce that I have come to the point where I realize I don't use my files to their potential and so therefore a Creative Team is born. I have a few to members announce and am announcing them as they send me their pictures and bios. Today's Creative Team Member announcement is Karen aka Scrappin Mama. You may be familiar with her work because I have posted them here many times and they are all included along the left of today's post. I look forward to seeing her projects come in and working with her.

Hi everyone. My name is Karen Krumpe, aka "scrappinmama" on the message boards.
I'm a full time house wife, mother of 3 girls and grandmother of 6 (Soon to be 7).
I have always been pretty crafty, but 5 years ago, my daughter talked me into trying
something that I hadn't tried before. She was all excited about"Scrapbooking". I put off
trying it for a long time, but finally did it, just so she would shut up. What can I say? I
have now become an addict and if there is a cure, PLEASE don't tell me what it is. I'm
having too much fun! When I first heard of the Silhouette, I thought "Wow, I'll never have to buy another alphabet set again." Little did I know, at the time, just what amazing things this machine could produce. Thanks to the many message boards, and designers like Chris, I have found the possibilities unlimited. I'm so excited to be a part of this team and look forward to sharing my layouts with you all, as well as seeing what others have to share.

Thank you Karen for joining the Creative Team! See the next Creative Team Member tomorrow!!

Next.... All I can say is

JANUARY 21st at Paperthreads.

That is all I have been permitted to say until the newsletter goes out. So don't miss the newsletter and don't miss the 21st. You will be pleased.

Man that kills me.. because you know how I like to ramble.


A few files hit the store and last week a few were updated to the QMC

and there is a freebie in the newsletter

and I am working on a presale.

Just wanted to make sure I told you about those..

And on to life..

So this weekend was fun. We took my son to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. Probably not the best movie I have ever seen, but it was at the small movie theater in a town near us. So it wasn't packed and Dalen standing up the whole time didn't both anyone. It is hard to stand still at the age of 3. We also worked tons and tons on the fort. We now have walls and I will post some pics of my little one hammering away on some nails tomorrow. I have to download the pics from the camera. I am seriously considering one of those digital frames for the house here because no one sees the pictures anymore except you and me and sometimes a few people I email them to. So I think I might ask for a digital frame for the birthday or even better Mother's Day. Talked to my Dad this weekend. Which I usually do every week, but this time we talked about our visiting him in May. Can I say he is concerned that we come up when the fishing is good. Well last year my hubby and Dad were convinced the fishing was bad because it rained and then the year before that he and I and my son hit the lake in this little boat and he through his reel and made a mess of the line so he sat trying to rearrange it for 20-30 minutes and then decided to fish a little. He did catch one and I was smiled and said "That's it. I am done. Get me out of the boat" So because of this little temper tantrum, I am no longer asked to go fishing. Seriously the child was 2 and i was pmsing and stuck in a little john boat and was getting hooked with the hook twice in the back. I was done. fish or not. Wew. That means on my visits I get almost a week of relaxing, reading books, thinking about files and then cooking dinner. Wew! Coulldn't be better. My hubby, son and Father hit the rivers and "fish". And I use the "fish" term loosely. ahhaha. I love to tease my Dad. So when I finished talking to him he told me he was gonna go call his kids that love him. I said "talk to you tomorrow" he said "yeah, love ya" hahaha. Love to smile and be happy. Life is to short for otherwise.

Superbowl is coming up. My hubby is being super good about what he eats and I just love the superbowl party eats. So do you have a favorite? My sister made this dip called Buffalo wings dip. It is good, but could clog your arteries after one swoop. So We shall see how the Pack does and where we will be attending a superbowl party. I think my hubby is priming me for a new tv for superbowl. Yesterday our tv had a red hue to it and this morning it was totally green while I watched the news. I just smacked the side of the tv and we had color again and I smiled. See it works. I got the eye roll and emails saying how about this one... Flat Screens & LCDs at Costco. He is wearing me down. For now I can say TV is the last of my priorities in life. However, we got a netflix subscription for Christmas from my sister. I am liking it. It is easy to get the movie and curl up on the couch with the hubby and watch it after the little one goes to bed. So now my hubby is into watching the previews so we can add it to our Queue. I was reading the disclaimer on the subscription and because it was a gift, if we don't use it within a year, they will apply the monies paid to my sisters account. I thought this was kinda cool. I am liking it so far. We started out with all guy movies in the queue. Now we have a few additional silly and fun ones. However, I am positive Iwill have a hard time getting him to watch Hairspray. I'd love to, but that will be an eye roll. I love my hubby so I won't put him through it.
Oh and by the way..... I am watching Ellen play Guitar Hero and I have to say... I need the game.. hahaha. I will have to check it out. I have the Karaoke for PS2 and the Dance Dance game. The guitarhero looks like fun. hmm... I wonder if they have it for wii. I think that sounds like a fair trade.. the Wii for the flat screen tv. hmmm.. have to think on this. I better get some serious files together to get all that. hmm.. looks like fun.
I better run. I am really rambling.
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, January 11, 2008

What to do this weekend.... what to do...

Hello to everyone!
It is Friday!! Have any great plans?? I don't have any that are huge. Woohoo!! I am beginning to love those weekends that are void of to many plans. I know there will be more working on the fort going on. I am hoping when my little one's birthday comes up in April that it will be done and we can have the Birthday party at our house! I am sure the owner of the fort and the caretaker (my hubby) will be beaming proud.

I have a ton of files to get together and put up in the store. and I just recently uploaded a frame to the Membership. The Membership closes at the end of January for this quarter. All the information you can find out about it are listed on the left hand side of my blog.

Also, make sure you are signed up for the newsletter because I have a download in it again.

I, also, have been working on my main website. Man I get frustrated with website design and just cannot wrap my mind around it. I have been watching all the youtube videos possible for designing in dreamweaver. I have an older version of DW and may have to pony up for the newer version. It seems to be a little more user friendly. We shall see how it goes.

On to life...
Soccer practice was fun. My little boy ran and ran and ran his feet off. He had such a great time with all the kids. I hope it is a fun year. A few moms did the stand back and gossip thing and a few participated. My husband came between appointments so he could watch. I am excited for him. He wore his shinguards for the rest of the night. I signed up for assistant coach, but the coach seemed to have his wife and sister in law help out quite a bit so I got to just kick the soccer ball around. I never played soccer when I was younger. It was fun! And I am hoping instead of running my feet off. I am running my bum off hahaha.

Beautiful weather here. I was outside feeding horses in work out pants and a tshirt and wasn't chillyin the least. In fact, I think it is time to consider the garden and getting it together. This will probably be my project this weekend. Organizing and regrouping. I have a bunch of crabgrass that has grown under one of the trees. so I think I am going to bypass the fighting with this year and put down the ground cover and cover the top of the groundcover with all my different pots in different sizes and plant some veggie plants in them and some flowers. The beds are going to be alot of work, but have to get out there soon before it starts to really warm up during the day. I usually plant in february. Most states you can't plant so early. Here you are fighting the heat so you want the plants to grow and drop fruit before it gets to hot.

Can I ramble.... I guess I will let you know what I did this weekend on Monday!! Because I obviously am not sure!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Me... A Soccer Coach..Assistant.. Wew! yikes

Okay, so did I tell you I am the assistant coach to my Son's soccer time. Yeah. Went to a team meeting with all the different teams and parents and one lady had stepped up to the plate to coach and she was staring at the other parents. And I thought it drives me crazy when there are 20 people in the room and one person volunteers to do all the work for 20 and no one does their part. So guess what I am the Coaches Assistant. There was a switch of coaches and I tried to get out of it when there was a late comer offer to be coach. Woohoo!! I can just go and enjoy the games and root for my child. But umm. nope.. When one offered to do it. The other didn't want to do it anymore.

So this should be fun and interesting. I am looking for my tennis shoes and getting dressed and thinking that I hope the Head Coach is ready to go because I have never played on the soccer team. I have seen alot of games throughout my life. My cousin will be so impressed with me when he finds out. He is 20 something soccer fan that has played since he was 5. Hopefully he won't show at any of the games to roll his eyes at me.

Well I am off to put together something to wear and be the Coaches Assistant. Hopefully he won't ask me to run to much because I still am coughing up a lung. My son however is excited beyond all belief. He has been ready to go for the last two hours. He is sitting on the couch waiting patiently with his shin guards and tennis shoes sitting next to him playing Leapster. But asking every few minutes if it is time yet. Can't wait should be lots of fun. Will let you know how it went. I can see some new titles for pages because of this... Soccer Coach.. Me What? No Hands? What? haha...
Have a wonderful day and Enjoy!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Cough Cough Hack Hack

Okay so I am alive, but still recouping from this dang cough. If it weren't for the cough I would be fine, but ugh it won't seem to go away. I quit trying to work on the laptop because I almost dropped it on the floor once from coughing so hard... and now it seems to be slowing down a bit so I have been working on some files. These will be coming up. I will be running a poll this week to for the Membership to see which ones goes where. So keep your eyes open for that. For now.. Here are some files I am working on...

Hope you like..



PS for those who requested the frames (when I put out the call a month ago) .. I will be sending the them to you in the next week. As you can tell I took more then five ideas for the frames. I am done taking ideas now, but am still working on all the requests.