Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Saturday post...

It's Saturday. We are being so lazy. I went and got a few groceries and am now playing with files. A few of the new ones I have been working on have hit the store. I have shown them on the left here. Links for them is below.

I posted to the QMC membership and will have another couple next week. I think for this first membership we will be way over the 20 file mark. 20 plus files for $10.00 and because I have 15 emails asking about when we can sign up for next quarter and few people have had to be refunded because they purchased 1st quarter thinking it was 2nd quarter. Well I uploaded the 2nd quarter to the store. The 2nd quarter area will not open until April 1st. but for those asking me when they can get the membership you can find it at the store HERE. The 1st quarter is still in the store until January 31st and then it is closed. You can find it at the top of my bestsellers list. My blog visitors are just awesome. Thank you to everyone for supporting me in this endeavor.

So I am still working away on my main webpage. Updating a page a day as I go. I have found this is much better then slamming through it all. It has been an interesting learning experience. I need the new Dreamweaver I am working with MX a very old version it seems. Or so I have been told.

So how did I get my Minnesota Vikings Fan to cheer for the Greenbay Packers??? How you ask? How? I told him if the Packers won we could buy the flat screen tv he wants. So I could have a superbowl party. Well sad to say the Pack didn't win, butttt my husband gained something.... He knows I am ready to crack on the purchase of a flat screen tv. 6 months of wearing me down. Truth be told Iam finally getting sick of stomping my foot on the ground to make the tv pop back on. Why not jump out to get it?? Because I am a software addict and have my eye on the new dreamweaver and photoshop and acrobat. hmm.. so I am saving a little each month to get those. I give it a month and we will have a new flat screen in our living room. But the positive I got to see my husband root on my team! without complaint! It was awesome. haha.

I think we are getting better. I actually slept for a full night without waking up to a coughing child, but he still sounds wheezy and just icky, but sleep. Sleep definitely improves my attitude!

Well I better get back to the files I have in the works.

Have a wonderful weekend!




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