Friday, January 11, 2008

What to do this weekend.... what to do...

Hello to everyone!
It is Friday!! Have any great plans?? I don't have any that are huge. Woohoo!! I am beginning to love those weekends that are void of to many plans. I know there will be more working on the fort going on. I am hoping when my little one's birthday comes up in April that it will be done and we can have the Birthday party at our house! I am sure the owner of the fort and the caretaker (my hubby) will be beaming proud.

I have a ton of files to get together and put up in the store. and I just recently uploaded a frame to the Membership. The Membership closes at the end of January for this quarter. All the information you can find out about it are listed on the left hand side of my blog.

Also, make sure you are signed up for the newsletter because I have a download in it again.

I, also, have been working on my main website. Man I get frustrated with website design and just cannot wrap my mind around it. I have been watching all the youtube videos possible for designing in dreamweaver. I have an older version of DW and may have to pony up for the newer version. It seems to be a little more user friendly. We shall see how it goes.

On to life...
Soccer practice was fun. My little boy ran and ran and ran his feet off. He had such a great time with all the kids. I hope it is a fun year. A few moms did the stand back and gossip thing and a few participated. My husband came between appointments so he could watch. I am excited for him. He wore his shinguards for the rest of the night. I signed up for assistant coach, but the coach seemed to have his wife and sister in law help out quite a bit so I got to just kick the soccer ball around. I never played soccer when I was younger. It was fun! And I am hoping instead of running my feet off. I am running my bum off hahaha.

Beautiful weather here. I was outside feeding horses in work out pants and a tshirt and wasn't chillyin the least. In fact, I think it is time to consider the garden and getting it together. This will probably be my project this weekend. Organizing and regrouping. I have a bunch of crabgrass that has grown under one of the trees. so I think I am going to bypass the fighting with this year and put down the ground cover and cover the top of the groundcover with all my different pots in different sizes and plant some veggie plants in them and some flowers. The beds are going to be alot of work, but have to get out there soon before it starts to really warm up during the day. I usually plant in february. Most states you can't plant so early. Here you are fighting the heat so you want the plants to grow and drop fruit before it gets to hot.

Can I ramble.... I guess I will let you know what I did this weekend on Monday!! Because I obviously am not sure!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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